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The autumn wind will help «revive» the Rover Opportunity


Engineers are still trying to «Wake up» the Rover, silent on the red planet for almost five months. Recently expired 45-day period engineering attempts to Wake the now silent after the dust storm, the Rover Opportunity: signals from it since the summer. However, Aerospace control, the United States decided to …

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War Thunder appeared naval battles and helicopters


Not without modifying the balance and fix several bugs. The company Gaijin Entertainment has pleased fans of multiplayer military action War Thunder release the next major update. One of the main features of patch 1.83 called «Masters of the seas» was the completion of closed beta testing of naval battles, …

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Rolls-Royce starts production of the crossover Cullinan


The British did not restrict the machine in the specifications. In the famous British company Rolls-Royce announced that production of the first SUV Cullinan began. It should be recalled that the first crossover has attracted incredible attention from motorists all over the planet. Authorized dealers as of January next year …

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Jaguar Land Rover will learn to deal with motion sickness


The motion sickness in the car is subject to more than 70 percent of the people. Future models of Jaguar Land Rover will be able to determine the tendency to sickness and to automatically change the settings of the chassis, the air conditioning system and the seat to combat motion …

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Lomachenko: «I don’t see Usyk in the heavyweight division»


Champion WBA world lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (11-1, 9 KOs) talked about the prospects of his godfather Alexander Usik (15-0, 11 KO’s). The tendril on 10 November in Manchester in a battle with Tony Bellew (30-2-1, 20 KO’s) will spend the first fight in the status of the absolute world …

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Russian debt on loans of half a billion dollars fled to Israel


The Israeli newspaper «gaarets» writes about the Russian citizen who has obtained loans worth almost half a billion dollars and escaped to Israel, rejects obligations, citing religious motives. It is reported by RIA «Novosti». According to the newspaper, Igor Mobilenow owned a jewelry network «Asuka», including several duty free shops …

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