Среда , Ноябрь 21 2018

A desperate attempt of Putin to find billions


This time Vladimir Putin will have to use all resources. PR machine faced an impossible task. She will represent a major defeat of the Kremlin outside of Russia as a triumph. In General, Moscow has used to submit adverse developments in their own country to the West as a success. …

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The German Parliament recognized the Armenian genocide

Earlier the Turks had said that the vote in the Bundestag will be the litmus test of the friendship between the two countries. The Bundestag on Thursday, June 2, was recognized as a genocide the killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-16. In particular, against the corresponding resolution …

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Alcoholism: five reasons to abandon the coding


The term «coding» appeared 1984, when Alexander Romanovich Dovzhenko patented his unique method for the treatment of alcoholism. Later, narcologists and psychotherapists have developed other methods, with different mechanisms, but a single principle of influence: «if you Drink – you die.» Drinkers perceive coding as a panacea for alcohol dependence. …

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Renault showed an image of its new sports model


We can talk about the «charged» version called Twingo GT. Renault has shown the first teaser image of its new sports model. The photo was published in the official Twitter of the company. While the image shows only the intake of a new car. Official information about the car yet. …

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Mystical rituals of the tribe Kung. Photo


One of the most unusual tribes of Africa. African kung tribe is one of the mysterious peoples that practically no contact with civilization and live by their primitive laws. These people have names, they don’t keep track of time, and live on average no longer than 30 years, but in …

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Perfect rooms for the working atmosphere. Photo


For those who work remotely. In recent years, working from home is becoming more and more popular thanks to the Internet. However, working at home or in the office — the room should have a business look and a nice interior. If You are looking for design ideas home office …

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