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Yavlinsky warned the Russians about 20 years of stagnation

Явлинский предупредил россиян о 20 годах стагнации

The Russians will suffer from declining revenues and «delusions» vlastilina the Federal political Committee of the Yabloko party Grigory Yavlinsky made a speech on Saturday at the meeting of the Federal Council of the organization, which said that the Russian economy is set for prolonged stagnation. He also cited 10 threats to the well-being of Russians, among which the incidence of income, taxes, sanctions and «delusions» of power.

The Russian economy is «in a deep stagnant ditch,» — bitterly noted Yavlinsky, adding that the professionals and experts expect stagnation in Russia in the next 20 years. The politician added that it is «at best».

Yavlinsky noted that the slight increase does not mean that the slide of the economy is overcome. In his opinion, the Russian economy is increasingly lagging behind the West.

In this respect Yavlinsky called the 10 biggest threats to the population. First he set a record fall in the real incomes of Russians, savings rates and the increased level of debt load. «This is a very big concern because it stops engine of the economy», — said Yavlinsky.

Further, the leader of the «Yabloko» listed such negative trends as the reduction in the number of Russian companies, the growth of bad debts and overdue debts of citizens. Among the dangers that await the population, Yavlinsky sees the growth of the tax pressure, as well as the increasing number of «delusions of power», which include the cessation of settlements in dollars with foreign partners and a possible ban on the circulation of the dollar in Russia.

One of the biggest threats he called ongoing in Russia, the rising prices for everything, despite the low official inflation. In addition, Yavlinsky noted and low economic growth, and capital flight and lower oil prices.

The tenth threat Yavlinsky has called the sanctions, which tend not only to end but to increase. He believes that the policy of the current authorities of the country led to the fact that against Russia anyone can impose sanctions. «This policy is a complete failure», — stated the politician.

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