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Nicaragua expelled the UN delegation


The UN report alleges that the government of Nicaragua turned a blind eye to the lawlessness of the police. According to the official version, set out in the letter from the Minister for foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada regional representative of the office of the UN high Commissioner for …

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In Syria ammo depot


Explosions sounded in the warehouse of the air base. The Mezze air base Syrian government forces near Damascus in the night of Sunday, September 2, there was a series of explosions. The cause was a short circuit in a warehouse of ammunition. Witnesses mention a strong fire and thick smoke …

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Russia conducts military exercises in one of the unrecognized republics


In Moldova, called the exercise a provocation. The armed forces of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic and military servicemen of the Operative group of Russian troops in the region decided to conduct a military doctrine under Tiraspol. According to the so-called Ministry of defence of Transnistria, military exercises involving artillery …

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German police detained hundreds of protesters


Total shares in Chemnitz took part 9.5 thousand people During protests for and against migration policy of the authorities was detained 300 people in the riots injured 11 people. It is noted that collision between the different groups occurred during a meeting of the party «Alternative for Germany». Detainees suspected …

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A fatal accident in Ecuador: killed 10 people


The transport was carrying pilgrims. In Ecuador overturned a passenger bus, killing at least ten people. The incident occurred early in the morning when the track was heavy fog. The bus followed from Cuenca in the South to the city of Loja. Most bus passengers – pilgrims on their way …

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In Germany caught fire refinery


The fire covered the storage of liquefied gas and gasoline. In Germany, on the night of Saturday, September 1, in the Bavarian town of foburg an der Donau, an explosion occurred on the territory of the refinery Bayernoil, in consequence of which the fire started. According to the latest data, …

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Germany will hold demonstrations on the issues of migrants


In Chemnitz was placed reinforced police units. Today, in the German town of Chemnitz, in the East of the country will be held two demonstrations for and against migrants. It is noted that the supporters of the right-wing will March, expressing its position against the acceptance of refugees in Germany. …

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