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Became known date of the vote for Brexit in Britain


The British Parliament will consider a resonant agreement of the Prime Minister with the European Union in the middle of the month.«The vote on the transaction may about the release will take place on 15 January,» — said in the message. In addition, the publication notes that over 200 MPs …

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In France during the protests arrested almost 350 people


281 taken into custody«Arrested 345 people, including 281 in custody», — is told in the message. Yesterday the «yellow jackets» in Paris attacked the office of the speaker of the government. We will remind, the President of France Emmanuel macron has condemned the violence during the eighth wave of protests …

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In Estonia abolished the Russian language


In the country unify the education system.The question of transfer of Russian schools to Estonian as the language of instruction has long been resolved, said the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid in a new year address, reports Sputnik Estonia. She stated that Estonia is obliged to come to a unified …

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In Japan imposed an unusual tax


The new tax will be taxed as the citizens of Japan and foreigners leaving the country.Japan from January 7 introduces a new tax of 1,000 yen ($9,20) for leaving the country by plane or ship. The tax will be tied to the cost of plane tickets or ship. Specifies that …

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In the centre of Cologne shooting occurred


Police soon detained a man near the metro station nearby «According to preliminary reports, the shooting occurred at around 14:00 local time near the Central station. Police soon detained a man near the metro station is close», – stated in the message. Note that the detainee was a melee weapon. …

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In Italy collectors were robbed with the help of excavators


Four attackers blocked the van by two trucks on state highways.Italian police are hunting robbers who stole 2.3 million euros from the Bank of the van. Car burglars caught in the trap on the highway. Four attackers blocked the van by two trucks on state highway near Bari, and then …

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Trump boasted to profit from the new trade duties


He also gave an assessment of trade negotiationsThe new trading fee in respect of a number of countries, including China, lead to billions of dollars in cash receipts to the U.S. Treasury. This was stated by us President Donald trump. «The U.S. Treasury has received billions of dollars from the …

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In Georgia, six people died from the «swine flu»


Confirmed death from the virus A H1N1.In Georgia, from the effects of the H1N1 virus called «swine flu» died six people. Now, however, the situation with the number of cases has stabilized, informs on Thursday, January 3 edition of Georgia Online. «This year the circulating strain of influenza A H1N1 …

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In Brussels banned Uber


The Belgian authorities have started to address the issue of Uber in 2015. It is noted that only the drivers with the Brussels license and a luminous signal a taxi on the roof of the car can handle that sort of traffic. The court made this decision back in December, …

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