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Will movie: «Lucky case»

Zhora Krizovnicka and Alexey Kazakov, who invented the Comedy «Bitterly!» and «the best day» wrote a new script. The film is already shot and it’s called «Lucky case.»

Will movie: «Lucky case»

Sitting in the garage, addressing current everyday problems, the next game in the lottery. Weekend employees household store in Ekaterinburg does not differ a special variety. As he says, «lucky!» — they managed to hit the jackpot to forty three million rubles. Whose ticket — no one remembers. Now how to divide the winnings, and most importantly — what it is better to spend? The Council decide to withhold money from their wives, controlling every ruble of salary, and headlong to flee to Moscow. There are still more opportunities to «pull» a fortune. The friends are guided by a simple rule: «empty pocket, easy on the soul.»

Alexey Maklakov, who played the role in the movie Vasilich, it is recognized that the money never are not redundant:Us Russian money does not spoil, but the lack makes them only better. That is about the formula».
The report from the «film industry»
«Lucky!» gathered on set of the brightest comedians of the country from different fields: cinema, theater and television. Director — student of the legendary Peter Fomenko, Roman Samghin, master of satirical performances. This film is his debut in full metre. As for Dmitry Bramatkin, Vyacheslav Myasnikov Andrey Rozhkova, which millions of viewers know at a Comedy show. About the history of their characters, the simple and naive hard workers, they say, it’s the little people who have big plans for life.

Andrei Rozhkov, who played Valery, said the «film Industry» about your character:an Ordinary man, a Russian, works in hardware store sales associate — that’s an interesting profession, but at heart he’s a completely different tends to be popular and recognisable. For this, he went to the drama club».
Romantic-loser HART is one of the most charming images in the film. He imagines him and wife (played by Olesya Zheleznyak) — Desdemona: and then the hero rushes in burlesque gusts of jealousy. In the film horns he performed many stunts. For the performance of particularly dangerous action scenes in the film were answered by the stunt team Victor Ivanov, a record of which all the parts of the movies about Jason Bourne and our «Stalingrad». Andrew admitted that he was excited about the new experience: the more that childhood dream of riding on the bus. The creators call their movie «national», in tune with the Russian tale, where the hero believes that once you catch your goldfish, and immediately life will improve. But in this good Comedy — light of the conversation here is on a completely serious topic.

The role of Gosha – actor Michael Truhin says that this film is not about the lottery:I think this film is not about the lottery, and about how money changes people. This is a film about us, about friendship, about family relationships.»
On wide screens «Lucky!» are planning to release on 8 March 2017.

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