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Wife of Justin Bieber dressed up like DakhaBrakha

Жена Джастина Бибера оделась как ДахаБраха Hailey Baldwin took a picture of the original winter.

21-year-old blonde is married to canadian musician a few weeks ago. But the popular model is not going to become a housewife, as well as to abandon a successful career despite the wishes of the chosen one.

While Hailey Baldwin continues to show stunning images, not only on the catwalk but in everyday life. Today, leggy fashion model has walked the streets of new York. By the way, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber has chosen not only a fashionable outfit, but not less relevant for the approaching winter season.

So, the famous blonde wore a long black coat made of synthetic fur, elastic solid cap and sweatshirt to match. In addition, the heir to a multimillion-dollar state gave the image gloss using pants, patent leather and shoes with rough soles successfully completed a relevant way. Also Hailey Baldwin did not refuse the accessories, opting for massive earrings in yellow gold.

It should be noted that leggy blonde arrived in new York without lover. Nevertheless, the American official confirmed the marriage. After yesterday a spokeswoman for the iconic Hollywood dynasty has changed their own name in the social network Instagram.

In addition Hayley Baldwin said: «Call me Mrs. Bieber.» Recall that the celebrities are familiar for several years, but the feelings between a canadian musician and fashion model started in late spring. Also, Justin Bieber has bought a luxurious mansion for the darling, located in the homeland of the pop singer. By the way, expensive purchase cost the artist $ 5 million.

However, the artist intends to increase its capital. After all, Justin promised to record a new album dedicated to his wife. While the canadian intends to abandon the traditional dance tracks, touching upon love ballads.

Жена Джастина Бибера оделась как ДахаБраха

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