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Who stole all the land and 100,500 barrels of oil in the bargain

Кто украл всю землю и 100500 бочек нефти в придачу

I never get tired of trudging from people who want just a little more and free then. Especially deliver old believe slogans like «land belongs to the people». The stupidity of these statements is so pervasive that it’s hard for me not to curse in response, but I’ll try. Explain without the Mat: the Earth is fucking tiny ball that is flying in fucking space. In a very-very huge space. Much more huge than it can accommodate your tiny brains. So if I was someone who really belonged to the whole earth, it is unlikely we would be sitting with us here, on this very globe. And this is only the first.

Sometimes I wonder what reality people live in, that all life ride on buses and I think that everyone who earns more – always thieves. Usually, of course, I’m much more interested in successful strategies of thinking, but the curiosity is not alien to me. So periodically I do about what ideas today in fashion among those who hasn’t run for anything. One of these ideas today and we’ll talk: it is based on «people’s land» that stores people’s oil. And this leads to some «absolute» income that the oligarchs should pay people.

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There are rumors that ideas with a high index of nonsense even spread among the poor that they are smaller claim on wealth. And this thought is a great example of this idea. But this specific example many think is not worth it — he’s completely crazy an untrained mind. Better ask here what test questions: do you want to live to retirement? Do you agree that the oligarchs have stolen all the oil, mineral resources, land and the sky with diamonds, and must now pay for it for everyone?

I could ask you more questions, but basically, if you have at least one of these two answered «Yes», then your fate is so unflattering. The fact that this is a fundamental difference between the thinking of rich and poor: the poor think about how to grab something from the state and constantly spoil your gallbladder thinking about who they stole. And rich people such reflections, in principle, do not surrender. Although the budget and the Pension Fund they deduct far more than poor people. And stealing from the rich, by the way, are much worse for the obvious reason: at least they have something to steal.

It is curious here to notice, exactly who steals from the rich. Well-fed oligarchs? Dishonest officials and werewolves in epaulets? Damned competitors? Oh no, it’s usually the honest poor people that the rich provide jobs and benefits packages. Honest people thank their employers for petty theft in the form of stationery from the office, on a Grand scale- in the form of the unchanged contract hours, and on very different amounts — muhlezh with travel documents and all sorts of other overhead. Here it is from each according to his ability, as they say.

But honest poor people never think about how much they are for life bags. They’re honest, so too busy thinking about the «people» of oil and how much they have to pay the oligarchs for beautiful eyes. And fresh — the urgent need to live to retirement. They are now in fashion very strange dream as quickly as possible to grow old and become unable to work or obtain disability.

The funny thing is that honest good people are always too lazy to read. Therefore, they usually are surprised at the real state of things: for example, the fact that not enshrined in the Constitution no national rights to oil and land and other natural resources. The basic law of Russia, but rather, in the ninth article, in black and white stated the obvious: land is the basis of life and activity of peoples living on the corresponding territory, and therefore it should be protected. Indeed, without the land it would be kind of boring. And even certainly sad, as long as the gills, we didn’t grow and even the salt water to eat do not know how.

But in the second paragraph of this excellent article of the Constitution just in case it is specified that all of our natural resources can be in any form of ownership they want — the public want — in private. And even in municipal and any other. And personally this doesn’t surprise me: the current Constitution in 1993, was written, not in the Soviet Union. While honest people may not realize what the difference.

And now about basic income. I understand that this is my dream hamster: to free money, by birth. But let’s remember how this idea worked in the Soviet Union, when some irresponsible citizens of booze and worked the hell will understand how, and for them it is even the fire could not always — as, the General employment. What is not a basic income? And why only from such effective work in the country the whole country went bankrupt — an amazing mystery, a thousand years descendants to solve.

Even today, judging by the numerous cries on Facebook and uncomplicated outspoken posts «robbed» by raising the retirement age, many Russians today get basic income in the form of pensions. This is the same basic income for working pensioners, and also for their children and grandchildren who are now just moaning that I can’t five years quietly, vaplite in the Institute due to the fact that my grandmother was injected, and his retirement gives the grandma’s pie. And theoretically it is, of course, sad, but the problem is that the social contract does not imply the content of any of the patties on payments to the Pension Fund. Working people and the grandparents-is not pulled.

And where else to take unconditional payment to everyone? Especially uporotyh patties and other members of the underclass result in an argument Alaska, where there’s oil Fund, from which the citizens do give out some bonuses. But there is several problems. First, I have a suspicion that in Alaska came up to pay people more money because there epically cold. In General, these payments are intended not so much for social justice, but for the fact that people there do not so sharply dumped. So I suggest anyone who wants to get extra money, just to blow us to the far North — fortunately, Russia has the same weather as in Alaska, where a lot! We have a third of the country in the Arctic, if that — and the average wage there is much higher. Well, not?

Now in fact, the question about money in Alaska. The average salary there is 4 thousand dollars. And from the oil Fund, about which so much noise, the residents get from 400 to 2000 dollars a year. In recalculation for a month is from 30 to 160 dollars, one-fortieth of the salary, and that amount still have to pay the tax is, what to say next? In my opinion, really, but let’s assume there is.

Let’s see, where does the money divided by the number of inhabitants? First, the oil companies that operate in the state, pay taxes. Then a quarter of these funds placed in the Fund, and these funds are invested. The Fund itself remains intact, but the amount you could gain from the investments of the Fund, divided by state residents. And now we take our situation — cleaned oil and gas revenues go to the budget expenditures and deficit of the Pension Fund. There is not that hole and here is taken a hole, and 3.3 trillion of oil money per year today it is only pensions and nothing else.

By the way. If this amount is divided by the number of inhabitants of Alaska, you get 4.5 million rubles each. And if the income of the Fund in Alaska divided by the number of grandma’s patties in Russia, not fucking want to do and to receive an unconditional income, it is likely that even one Breakfast in the Institute is not enough. So for my personally the arithmetic it turns out that we are lucky that we are not in Alaska.

But of course, I am a simple man, in public transport do not like to go, so my arithmetic is probably not correct. You have your own and according to your calculations, of course, it turns out that pension age increase is not necessary. Much better to take away and divide on absolute income, wait for the default, which is a pace in three years arrives, and then, apparently, running around zagolin buttocks, and shout «guard».

Or any other suggestions? Run squares? Sagrati to other parts of the body and different shout? With great interest to heed.

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