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What to watch at the weekend: «Arrival», «Good boy» and other films at the cinema and online

Every week in his poster, «a Film About» tells the story of how you can spend your free time. We write about the new movies and successful movies, analyze a television program, choosing from it the most interesting, and offer the paintings that can be viewed online from the comfort of home.

What to watch at the weekend: «Arrival», «Good boy» and other films at the cinema and online

«Arrival»Earthlings in a panic: suddenly, in different parts of the world an unidentified flying object. It is unknown whether the alien guests with peaceful purposes, or they were preparing an invasion. The armed forces of all countries converted to full combat readiness. The US government appeals to the best in the business experts, including a linguist Louise banks (Amy Adams) and physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), who will try to find common language with aliens. However, the first contact will reveal their personal secrets.

«Arrival». Ficaretta Amy Adams with Russian subtitles
«Good boy»the schoolboy Kolya Smirnov dumped a series of strange occurrences: someone set fire to a computer class in his school, the principal’s daughter decided that the culprit was him, but didn’t complain, and fell in love with him. The Kohl’s in love with his English teacher and tries to establish a relationship with the father, a typical mad scientist. The main role in the film, which became a hit numerous film festivals, performed Semyon Treskunov, Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Efremov, Alexander PAL and Irina Pegova.

«Good boy.» Semyon Treskunov talks about his role
«Spies next door»Jeff (Zach Galifianakis) and Karen (Isla Fisher) move into a new house in the suburbs. Familiarity with the eccentric couple (Jon Hamm and Gal gadot) are living close by, draws them into the spy scandal of the world scale, but they still don’t know what this adventure will be the highlight of their unremarkable lives.

«Spies next door». Official trailer
On TV channel «Culture» Saturday will be a film of Gleb Panfilov «Valentine» — a film adaptation of the play of Alexander vampilova «Last summer in Chulimsk.» Time of action — 1970. In a small Siberian village works as a waitress eighteen-year-old Valentina. She’s in love with the investigator Shamanov, and he, absorbed in their own Affairs, did nothing. Her confession comes as a revelation. But in the way of love Valentina obstacles appear, leading to a dramatic outcome… the Beginning of the session – at 10:35.

Shot from a film «Valentine»

Friday 01:10 the TV channel «Ren TV» show drama «Proof of life». A young American Alice Bowman (Meg Ryan) turns for help to Terry Thorne (Russell Crowe), a large professional part to negotiate with any criminals and villains: the fact that her husband, Alice worked on the construction of the pipeline in one of the Latin American countries, were kidnapped by the terrorists, collaborating with the mafia and demanded a multimillion dollar ransom.

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe in the movie «Proof of life»

On STS channel on 11 November at 21:00 will start showing the sci-Fi Thriller «Ghost rider,» based on the popular Marvel comics. The main role in the film, telling the rider the stuntman who sold his soul to the devil, takes Nicolas cage. On Saturday at 19:20 will be shown on the popular Comedy «Shrek», a story about the love of the green giant and beautiful Princess.

Trailer «Shrek»
Behind him, at 21:00, start picture «spider-Man». In childhood Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) was abandoned by their parents, and thus brought the uncle and aunt. As the years passed, Peter was the usual exemplary student, was attacked bullies and was in love with his classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma stone), which itself secretly loved him. But after being bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter gets incredible superpowers and his life changes forever. The next day, also at 21:00 will be displayed and the second part of the picture – «New Spiderman: High voltage». The destiny prepares Peter surprises: in his way will have a new enemy — Electro (Jamie Foxx), and he will be destined to meet again with old friend Harry Osbourne (Dane Dehaan) and learn a lot about your family’s past. While superhero tries to solve problems of a personal nature, because the father of his sweetheart Gwen against their relationship.

«The new spider-Man. High voltage». Official trailer
On «TV-3» on Friday at 00:30 will be shown the Thriller guy Ritchie’s «Sherlock Holmes», in which the famous detective is prone to cross-dressing and eccentric actions, played by Robert Downey Jr., and his eternal companion Dr. Watson – Jude law. On Saturday at 0:00 will begin the session detective «From hell», events that are intertwined with the urban legend about Jack the Ripper. The investigation of a terrible crime does a police inspector Fred Abberline (johnny Depp), having the gift of predicting the future in dreams, which he enhances opium. Sunday at 0:45 will be showing the movie «Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows» — the deductive genius will face in the final showdown with the criminal mastermind Moriarty.

«Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows». Official trailer
On Saturday, November 12, the First channel will show a Comedy-Western «a Million ways to lose your head» with Charlize Theron, Amanda, Seifrid, Seth MacFarlane and Neil Patrick Harris. Has managed to fall in love in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here rude in restaurants, on the hot water legends, and transport a complete collapse. But the mysterious stranger excellent shape, and shoots it without a miss. Who willingly abandon such beauty?

«A million ways to lose your head». Official trailer
«LIE low IN BRUGES»Young killer ray failed in his first task, which is the fundamental boss sent him along with coach Ken in a small Belgian town – «to hide until the heat dies down». Tormented by guilt, ray is not able to enjoy views of the city, he strikes up a dubious acquaintances and experiments with drugs, to somehow ease his soul, because the error on the task was that, along with the victim he accidentally killed a child. While Ken and ray are not even aware what a difficult test lies ahead. View directorial opus of playwright Martin McDonagh, starring roles in which she played Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes and Brendan Gleeson, free online cinema ivi.

«Lie low in Bruges». Trailer
«PRINCESS of MONACO»the Whole Hollywood lay at her feet — luxury villas, Oscar techniques and gorgeous men, but she chose the Royal Palace, aristocratic balls and noble Prince of a small country close to France. Grace Kelly was the Queen of Hollywood, but chose to become Princess of Monaco. The role of grace played by the winner of the award «Oscar» Nicole Kidman, in the role of Prince Rainier appeared Tim Roth. The film is available for free viewing on online cinema TvZavr.

«Princess Of Monaco». Official trailer
«MY BOYFRIEND – CRAZY» Former school teacher Pat, spent in a psychiatric hospital for eight months, returned to her parents ‘ house. He is obsessed with the thought to reconcile with the former spouse, who has the right to approach the court. But familiarity with an eccentric girl Tiffany lights in Pat ray of hope… Free view picture is available in the online cinema MEGOGO. By the way, actress Jennifer Lawrence received the «Oscar» for the role of Tiffany.

«My boyfriend — crazy». Official trailer

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