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Well-known presenter told how to spend the money

Известный украинский ведущий рассказал, на что тратит деньгиSergey Pritula has admitted that in himself he is not so much money.

Showman, presenter and public figure Serhiy Prytula, who recently urged Ukrainians to help the paramedics and snipers, admitted that he did not know how much it earns per month.

During your stay in Chicago with «Var Atami» he said in an interview with URC Radio he «or does not have time to spend what he earns, or spends more than it earns». In addition, it is worth mentioning that a portion of their earnings from their show Pritula and the company must forward to the needs of the Ukrainian military who are defending Ukraine from the Russian aggressor.

«I really kind of silly story with finances. So good that I have a wise woman who is partially responsible for this question… And actually, it’s very simple: every month I have to earn enough money to be able to give salaries to staff to continued to hold rehabilitation center in Ternopil, to allocate part of the ATO, to give financial assistance to his ex-wife and give some money to my mom. All that remains beyond this can be partly spend on himself» — said Pritula.

The showman said that he was «not fussy».

«With confidence I can say that the largest amount of money I spend on myself is food and fuel. But to see me in some expensive store Kiev, where I choose some rags, a utopia. Nightclubs, by the way, I also do not go to social events are not selected. Better in your free time to go somewhere outside Kiev, because travel is my another expense… But have not spent a penny I would be on drugs,» he concluded.

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