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Vladimir Klitschko found a purpose to resume career

Владимир Кличко нашел цель для возобновления карьерыFormer world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klichko (64-5, 53 KO’s) is ready in the foreseeable future to return to professional Boxing.

The legendary Ukrainian boxer on a possible comeback inspires the record of George Formena, who in 1987, defeated Michael Murer, and at age 45 became the oldest world champion in the heavyweight division.

To return to the Boxing must be a good reason. Something extraordinary… incredible… Even I am still in good shape, but do not know how long I can keep the same form.

But if I’m going to be 45-46 years, and the form is not going anywhere, then I will consider to update the record to become the oldest world champion in hawaiite. I mean, for me there is only one motivation — to beat the record of Formena. The time will come and I’ll think about it», — quotes the words of Vladimir Klitschko portal Vringe.com.

The last fight in the career of Vladimir Klitschko held in April last year in London. At Wembley Ukrainian veteran presence 90 thousand fans in the bright battle lost to Brit Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs), losing by knockout in the 11th round. During megafit Vladimir sent a young opponent down, but he managed to turn the tide of battle.

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