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USA pulled precision weapons to the borders of Russia

США подтянули высокоточное оружие к границам России

Increasing US presence, a strategic non-nuclear systems precision weapons in areas adjacent to Russian waters. About it the newspaper «Red star» said the commander-in-chief of the Navy of Russia Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

He noted that the Navy in the new year will respond to the sharp increase in the activities of the US and NATO near the borders of the Russian Federation, on deployment near the borders of marine systems missile defense, strategic systems, precision weapons and military infrastructure. It is clarified that at the moment the naval presence of Russia by about 100 ships.

December 22 the German publication Telepolis warned that the actions of the US «freedom» marine navigation in the Arctic, to which Russia is going to rise in the region of an incident similar to what occurred in the Kerch Strait. According to media reports, Moscow is gradually tightens control over its coastal waters for economic and military reasons. In particular, in 2013, Russia places in the Arctic new naval and air bases, build new icebreakers and submarines, increasing its presence in the region.

16 December, experts of the Center for strategic and budgetary assessments in Washington concluded that a carrier strike group the U.S. Navy will lose its relevance on the modern battlefield. They do not have sufficient range, durability and specialization to confront Russia or China, which focused on the creation of anti-ship long-range missiles.

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