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Ukrainians have become increasingly travel to Europe by train

Украинцы стали чаще ездить в Европу на поездахUkrainians began to travel to Europe more often than in Russia.

Passenger numbers in trains to European destinations for the first time exceeded traffic between Ukraine and Russia. This was told in an interview to the Economic truth Alexander Krasnoshtan, which is responsible in Railways for passenger transportation.

«The lead took the EU. Among the most popular destinations – Przemysl, košice, Warsaw, Riga. Vienna is a very well sold. Until last year, Russia was the leader until it is already in the EU. Although, if we lose Russian, we will lose a certain percentage of its income from passenger traffic. But if there is a solution, we need to implement it», – concluded Krasnoshtan.

17.3 million Ukrainian mobile subscribers went abroad during the first half of 2018. The Ministry of economic development released the results of the monitoring statistical observations of the dynamics of tourist flows on the territory of Ukraine obtained from Ukrainian mobile operators.

Monitoring of tourism flows on the basis of the received from the mobile operators data also provides information on the visit to Ukraine of foreign citizens. So, in the first half of 2018,Ukraine was visited by nearly 9.6 million people. Also, the monitoring records tourist flows of Ukrainian citizens, using the card of Ukrainian mobile operators abroad.

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