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Ukrainian singer stand out in a leopard print jumpsuit

Украинская певица покрасовалась в леопардовом комбинезонеYana Solomko shared the holiday with my daughter.

Ukrainian singer Yana Solomko daughter posing by the Christmas tree.

«New year and Christmas are my favorite holidays! For me, it is so important that family traditions that have been preserved for us parents and our kids will continue … the First tradition is the decoration of the Christmas tree! Someone someone who wants it decorated, but it is so important to unite the family and do it together, Christmas songs and movies. Here is my husband for the first time in his life was putting up the Christmas tree with me! And I am pleased that he had a tradition. He immediately and quickly joined in the process. The second tradition, of course, Olivier! and without it you can! I love this salad! my husband also had to love not only to eat but to cook. This process we have a joint. Well, the main tradition is to unite the whole family in these holidays!!! And let it be for each of you the most important. Happy holidays, my dear!», — wrote in his microblog on the eve of the New year Jan.

The post star accompanied the photo series with his daughter Kira.

Yana was posing in a jumpsuit leopard color, and Cyrus – in a black dress.

Украинская певица покрасовалась в леопардовом комбинезоне

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