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Ukraine celebrates Day of liberation from the Nazis

Украина отмечает День освобождения от нацистов

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the citizens with the 74 anniversary of the expulsion of the Nazis from the country


In Ukraine on October 28 celebrate the 74 anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders. On this day honor the memory of all Ukrainians who gave their lives, forcing the Nazi occupiers to the Soviet army or the Ukrainian insurgent army, according to UKRINFORM.

As you know, during the Second world war the final expulsion of the Nazi occupants from Ukraine began in the fall of 1943. And in 1944, conducted a series of operations that allowed four Ukrainian fronts to crush a group of German troops South a group And occupy almost the entire territory of Ukraine and Crimea.

The expulsion of the Nazis from Transcarpathia began on 9 September 1944. During the Carpathian-Uzhgorod operation troops 4 Ukrainian front occupied the Carpathian passes, and occurred in Transcarpathia. October 16, Soviet troops occupied the city of Rakhiv, 24 Oct released Hust and Svalyava, October 26 – Mukachevo, on October 27 – Uzhgorod.

The date of liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis considered on 28 October 1944. In fact, there was still a Chop, an important railway junction on the border of Transcarpathian Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary. This city was finally released on 23 November 1944.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the citizens with the 74 anniversary of the expulsion of the Nazis, reported the press-service of administration of the President.

«The tragedy in Ukraine has its own special sacrificial the expense of countless human losses. The war, the occupation and in the end won victory cost us, according to various estimates, eight to ten million of innocent of lives», – said in greeting Poroshenko.

He noted that «until the last day of the war, the Ukrainians fought bravely in the ranks of the red army and the regular forces of the anti-Hitler coalition and fought with the enemy in the underground resistance movements of many European countries. in the rear continuously provide the needs of the fronts.»

«Prostration and heartfelt gratitude to all the people of the older generation and personally to each participant of the tumultuous events for the feat for free and a happy life descendants… It is on your examples of virtue and hard-won victories brought modern patriots – defenders of Ukraine» – summed Poroshenko.

Earlier, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich said that the celebration of the anniversary of the beginning of the great Patriotic war at the state level is a threat. According to him, June 22, is «a throwback to the scoop.»

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