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Two pieces of news: an investigation into the accident of the «Union» and Dawn

Две новости: расследование аварии "Союза" и Dawn

The Russian space Agency has completed the investigation of the accident rocket «Soyuz-FG» 11 Oct.

11 Nov accident rocket «Soyuz-FG», which was put into orbit manned spacecraft «Soyuz MS-10» with cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and astronaut Nick Hague. Thanks to the work of emergency rescue system, the ship landed and its crew was not injured.

Investigation of the causes of the incident took less than three weeks. The Chairman of the emergency Commission Oleg Skorobogatov at a special conference on Thursday 1 November, said: «the start ended with accident of the booster due to the abnormal branch of one of the side blocks (D-block), hit the nasal part of the Central block (block a) near the fuel tank, which led to its depressurization and, consequently, to the loss of stabilization of the missile.»

The cause of separation – not the opened nozzle cover the withdrawal of the oxidizer tank of the block «D» of the deformation of the sensor rod contact separation (a bend in 645′), made while building the «package» at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The cause of the accident is operational in nature and apply to other already assembled carrier rockets of type «the Union».

«Emergency rescue vehicle «Soyuz MS-10″ worked in accordance with its programmed logic. The crew acted in accordance with the requirements of on-Board instructions and guidance of mission control Center». – stated in the message of Roscosmos.

Also, the Russian space Agency has published a video camera that was installed on the rocket «Soyuz-FG». Cameras mounted on the missiles, performing launches for the manned program, from February 2017, however, usually live with them are published. Since the summer of 2018 (the»Union MS-09″) camera is also on the piloted spaceship «the Union». Footage from it can be seen in the broadcast run.

Completed the American scientific mission Dawn.


http://kosmolenta.com/index.php/1317-2018-11-02-two-news#1″ rel=»nofollow»>Две новости: расследование аварии "Союза" и Dawn

http://kosmolenta.com/index.php/1317-2018-11-02-two-news» rel=»nofollow»>the Crater Okkator with a height of 34 km

http://kosmolenta.com/index.php/1317-2018-11-02-two-news#iceslideshow46″ rel=»nofollow»>» http://kosmolenta.com/index.php/1317-2018-11-02-two-news#iceslideshow46″ rel=»nofollow»>»


The Dawn spacecraft («Dawn») was launched in 2007. The purpose of the mission was the study of ancient objects in the Main asteroid belt. A distinctive feature of the device was the use of electrical propulsion (ion) for cruise propulsion. Thanks to her, Dawn was able to learn from two objects: the asteroid Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres. In 2011 he reached the asteroid, worked for more than a year in its orbit, and then headed to Ceres. From April 2015, Dawn was in orbit around the dwarf planet.

After the main Dawn mission was completed, it was routed to low orbit. In August, he dropped to a height of several tens of kilometers above the surface of Ceres.

The duration of the spacecraft have limited amounts of fuel (hydrazine) in the system control orientation. This problem is especially worsened after multiple failures of flywheels, what the role of the engines has increased dramatically.

Regular communication with Dawn was scheduled for October 31 and November 1, but they failed. After reviewing all possible causes, experts came to the conclusion that the lack of communication caused by lack of fuel aboard the craft. Thus, the Dawn mission can be considered completed. In just his 11 years in space this unit flew 6.9 billion kilometers. It will remain in orbit in the next few decades (at least 50 years with a probability of 99%), then drops on the surface of Ceres.

Above are the pictures that Dawn did in the last months of his work.

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