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A month and a half on lake Baikal


All summer I did not appear on these pages. Spent the first month and a half in the mountains, and then a month and a half on the lake. Clicked a bunch of pictures. Now it is necessary to analyze them. First insights — Yes, the lake should be, at …

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Journey to the Gorgippia. Chapter 5. On the ruins of history


how, according to the tour guide, lived in Gorgipia people BC, the search, excavation and versions, the establishment of Soviet power and the fact that until now, Esser referred to the Bolsheviks, the heroes who laid down their head conquering and defending this beautiful city. And about the omissions of …

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Named the friendliest country in the world


Ukraine occupies the 19th position in the ranking. International company InterNations has identified the most friendly country in the world. According to experts, to determine the most friendly countries, the analysts surveyed more than 14 thousand immigrants 174 nationalities from 191 countries. Respondents were asked to assess satisfaction with life …

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What is the cost to relax in the chic Antarctic «hotel»


The price to camp White Desert is 72 thousand dollars.The online edition of Business Insider showed pictures of camp White Desert, claiming the title of the most luxurious in Antarctica. Relevant publications were posted on the website of this publication. The cost of your stay is 72 thousand dollars. The …

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The best amusement parks in the world


Considering reviews and user ratings, online service for travel planning, TripAdvisor has ranked the best amusement parks in the world. The best theme and universal theme parks, you can visit the world of the Hulk and Harry Potter, feel like the ruler of the fairy Kingdom, to witness the aquatic …

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The most amazing pools in the hotels of the world


Identified 14 of the most incredible pools in hotels around the world. The American edition of Business Insider, in conjunction with popular service for online booking hotels Hotels have made a rating of the most impressive swimming pools at the hotels. «Some choose hotels for luxury interior rooms, while others …

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Mysteries of the Solovetsky Islands


The Solovetsky Islands in the White sea at the entrance to Onega lip; consists of 6 large and about a hundred small Islands. History of the Solovetsky Islands is not starting since the Foundation of the Solovetsky monastery in 1436, but much earlier. There are testimonials of the Saami and …

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Named the best amusement parks in Europe


Ukrainian amusement Park was among the best in Europe.Central Park of culture and rest named after Maxim Gorky in Kharkiv took 16 th place in the ranking of the top 25 amusement parks in Europe by the travel portal TripAdvisor. «Fairytale in the city», — said the Ukrainian monuments in …

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