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Tina told Friends about her pregnancy

Тина Кунаки рассказала о своей беременности 21-year-old model is pregnant by a famous actor.

Tina Kunaki, wife, 52-year-old actor Vincent Cassel, officially announced her pregnancy. The beautiful model showed rounded tummy, laying naked picture to Instagram.

In the photo from the social network Tina Kuniaki posing on the beach, hiding behind a big hat. On the face of a model flaunts a happy smile.

«The happiest New year ever! If you didn’t know, now you know,» she signed photos.

The couple got married four months ago and went to rest in Brazil. For Kassel, this child will be the third, he already has two children with Monica Bellucci.

In the comments fans admire the feminine form of Tina and wish her happiness, an easy pregnancy and delivery.

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