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This diet lowers blood pressure better pills

Эта диета снижает давление лучше таблетокThis diet lowers blood pressure better than the most powerful drugs

American scientists have proved that a low-salt diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure more effective than any medication in just 4 weeks.

Reducing the amount of salt in the diet, the transition to vegetarian food and food with low fat, can reduce blood pressure by 21 mm Hg. Note that regulatory bodies in the health system do not give approval to the blood pressure meds if they are not able to reduce the pressure by 3-4 mm Hg, at least. Most of the drugs from high blood pressure to reduce this figure by 10-15 mm Hg, while causing side effects like fatigue, dizziness and headaches.

Now, researchers from Harvard University have proven that a specially selected diet reduces systolic blood pressure more effectively than most prescription drugs for hypertension. This is very important news for patients who would like to reduce the pressure, while avoiding side effects of drugs. In Russia from hypertension affects about 30% of the adult population, and this is the most significant single risk factor for heart disease and strokes. Their findings the authors of the study made on the basis of observations of 412 people in the early stages of hypertension who have not attended continuously drugs for high blood pressure.

Previously, researchers from Indiana University proved that a daily supplementation with magnesium significantly lowers blood pressure. Tablets 300 mg can have the desired effect in preventing hypertension in just one month. However, other experts have recommended that to achieve these goals, lean on food that contains this mineral, like green leafy vegetables, bananas and nuts. They argued that this is enough.

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