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The woman was able to describe in detail his previous life

Женщина смогла в подробностях описать свою предыдущую жизнь Irish resident sure that reincarnation exists.

47-year-old resident of the city of cork, Ireland, Sharon Parrett throughout the greater part of his life regularly sees the same dream.

In this dream, she appears the image of a black man from New Orleans, however, she feels that he killed people.

In life Sharon meanwhile to this year is a real black stripe with injuries, illnesses and death of relatives.

So Sharon put one with the other and now it’s for sure strange dreams lead her to her past life and her new life in Ireland, she is suffering from retribution for the sins of new Orleans.

Over the past five years, Sharon got into an accident four times and suffered four serious fractures, including those she had broken both legs.

In addition, Sharon became constantly suffer from various allergies, but the worst for her was the death of one after the other two members of her family.

Husband of Sharon, 47-year-old Tim Parrett, 100% believe in the version of his wife about his past, and retribution for sins. Moreover, in her descriptions, he was able to draw the image of a black killer from New Orleans that she saw in her dream.

In this figure, the killer was dressed in a trench coat in the fashion of the 1920-ies.

Женщина смогла в подробностях описать свою предыдущую жизнь

«I believe in reincarnation and I think that I was reborn several times already». says Sharon Parrett, «When I saw dreams of this man I knew immediately. he was a bad man and did terrible things. I don’t know the details, but I’m sure he’s including killing people.

On the other hand, he could be a police detective and often killed criminals (that in those years was not uncommon), but I still feel that he himself was a bad person and I’m now paying the price for his actions.»

According to Sharon, her life was full of the most unpleasant incidents of the last 40 years.

«I’m allergic to a huge pile of things: cats, dogs, horses, hazelnuts, grass, pollen, melon, mold. I always meet bad people who cause me trouble and often occur just a fatal bad luck. I broke both legs and his back, all four bones. For five years I was in a four car accident. Luck passes me by».

Sharon says that as a person she does not like the type from his past life. However, she believes that fate decided to punish her for her old sins.

Sharon Barett says that he never was in New Orleans and did not even know about it, but her obsessive dream amazingly real.

«It always starts with the fact that I’m a black man in a cloak or coat the early twentieth century are in an abandoned pub. Climbing the stairs, I see in the mirror his reflection. This is the scariest part of the dream, because then I realize that it is not the current me.

At the top of the stairs is a woman and she looks really upset and scared She hides in the corner and tries to hide her two children. She is afraid of me (a black male). I don’t know why and don’t know what’s going on, but from men is bad aura».

Once Sharon was in India and went to a Buddhist temple, where he told the priest that he understood the logic of punishment for a past life, but now she’s a good person.

Also, he was in Turkey and met the man who with such amazement looked at her, as if seen before. But she saw this man for the first time and knows nothing about it.

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