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The West won’t like: it became known about the new possibilities the Russian.

Западу не понравится: стало известно о новых возможностях русского "Посейдона"

As is known, the Russian defense-industrial complex is developing rapidly. And while the West is thinking how to catch up with Russia in this field, our specialists will give you fantastic things.

For example, today it became known that the Russian nuclear unmanned underwater vehicle, Poseidon will be able to develop a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour at a depth of 1 kilometer. The source reports that the test «of Poseidon» has already been started.

In addition, the device will continuously maneuver that combined with the high speed will make the UAV visible to the enemy. Moreover, any means of destruction available to the enemy side, will be powerless in front of the submarine.

What is the secret fighting capacity «of Poseidon»? The fact is, around the unit formed space with water vapor, thereby reducing the resistance of the medium. So the technique can gain great speed at great depths.

It is reported that the drones will be placed on nuclear submarines. A potential enemy no chance to win is clearly not, because such «lightning» can carry a nuclear warhead with a capacity of as much as up to 2 megatons.

It is difficult not to recognize the fact that now Moscow is ahead of most of its competitors in military production. And whether there will be.

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