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The United States has created artillery systems, surpassing all world analogues

США создали артиллерийские системы, превосходящие все мировые аналоги

The United States, even in the midst of the Cold war with the Soviet Union did not pay particular attention to the development of his artillery. That is, artillery units and the weapons were always in sufficient quantity and at a high technological level, but they were not the prevailing factor in planning operations, because the preference was always given to air force and armored group. However, over time, and especially after analysis of the fighting in the Donbas, this attitude began to change dramatically.


So, the Pentagon has launched a number of projects that were aimed at increasing fire potential units, particularly artillery. And one of these projects recently were surprised with their results.

As it became known, at the site of Yuma was held the next tests 155-mm artillery system XM907 ERCA, which successfully hit its target at a distance of 62 km! While this figure may not be the limit for the ACS, because there are tests 155-mm howitzer М777А2, the range of objectives which can not only be declared 70 km, but to exceed them.


That is, the USA soon can get their weapons howitzers and self-propelled guns that are in range of targets is much superior to the Russian designs? In particular, we are talking about the notorious 2S19 Msta-s and their modifications up to 2С35 “Coalition-SV”, the firing range which is claimed up to 70 km, but the proof of such opportunities, this ACS submitted (for 6 years of production) have not yet been.


Of course, the presence of these ACS on the immediate borders with Russia, in the Baltic States and Poland, largely secured the country from the invading troops. But still, you should be realistic and recognize that while you will fail the test gun passed the approval and will start its serial production, it will take time.


On the other hand, in November 2016, it became known that the U.S. army intends to conduct a major modernization of the Stryker APC. And the result of this modernization was the emergence of XM1296 Infantry Carrier Vehicle with weapon station, the Protector Medium Caliber Turret (MCT-30) from the Norwegian Kongsberg Protech Systems, which has the firepower of a 30-mm automatic cannon. And in 2018 the first, renewed and reinforced Stryker, went to Europe.


Therefore, I do not think that we wait for long-range artillery USA new generation in European latitudes have for far too long. Outplayed?

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