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The ruble is falling at the opening of trading

Рубль падает на открытии торгов

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the sea of Azov is already reflected in the ruble and the dollar and the Euro are rising at the opening of trading on the Russian currency. Does not support the ruble, even rising in price oil. Indexes of RTS and Mobimii also gone down. Experts warn that the trading platform will be under pressure as investors expect the escalation of the conflict.

At the opening of the Moscow exchange, the ruble immediately went down: within the first minute of trading, it fell against major international currencies by 25 cents to the dollar and 36 cents against the Euro. According to 11:00 Moscow time the dollar on the exchange gave 66,48 rubles, the Euro was worth — 75,54 RUB.

Meanwhile, oil prices — a traditional driver of the Russian currency regains its «black Friday» and Monday, November 26, traded in the black. By 11:00 MSK barrel of North sea Brent has grown up by 2.13% to $was 60.05 per barrel.

A worsening risks of a geopolitical nature is not conducive at the moment the growth of demand for Russian assets, — says chief analyst at Promsvyazbank Michael Poddubsky.

On ruble-denominated assets is affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict associated with entering Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea and the rigid reaction of the Russian border guards. Clash of warships of the two countries occurred on the morning of 25 November in the Kerch Strait. On charges of violating the state border of the Russian military detained three Ukrainian ship «Berdyansk», «Nikopol» and «Yana Kapu».

The FSB said that the Russian border guards used weapons against the Ukrainian warships, with the result that three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded and they received medical treatment. The Ukrainian side has said about six wounded and accuses Russia of aggression in response, Moscow says provocation from Kiev.

The passage of ships through the Kerch Strait has been temporarily suspended around 4:00 GMT on 26th November, the traffic was opened. Both sides require the convening of an emergency UN security Council. It is scheduled for 19:00 GMT. President Petro Poroshenko also advocates the introduction of martial law in the country. It is expected that this issue, the Parliament will consider today at about 16:00 GMT.

Each milestone in this history — a new test for the Russian market, analysts say. This conflict will have a negative impact on ruble assets because somehow there is little doubt that the incident will be found guilty Russia, says the analyst of ALOR Broker Alex Antonov.

The only question is how hard will the rhetoric of Western representatives and whether to wait for these new sanctions, he adds.

The major stock indexes of Mobimii also reduced. For the first hour of trading the index of Masuri went down more than 1.8 percent from Friday’s closing and reached 2292,3 points. The RTS fell below 1100 points.

New sanctions are introduced almost certainly and can even touch the Russian ruble-denominated sovereign debt, plus all of this is superimposed on the fall in oil prices, said the Director of analytical Department of Alpari, Alexander Razuvaev.

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