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The repressive structure of the society remained the same

Репрессивное устройство общества осталось прежним

The very structure of our society is now oppressive. Therefore, even if the full deletion of article 282, it will change the details, but will not affect the argument. The need for changes to the article, Dmitry Peskov, explained the need to correct the «symptoms of insanity». And the President himself said that we should not bring to the point of absurdity and insanity practice.

Insanity on the 282 really intense by the day. Only in the past, in 2017, roughly speaking, for the posts and reposts brought five hundred cases. But let’s not forget that this very article in its senile editorial appeared with the filing of Putin — the then Prime Minister. Defenders beaten in bells and nabati, warned that the plant can be anyone and anything you want. And indeed it came out. And in another way to could not get out. Because there is a demand for repression and there is a whole army of cops, investigators, security officers, centers of «e» — and they all want to be in trend, everyone wants to curry favor, all ready to catch, especially if it is even off the chair to stand not required — but you can just fumble through the Network and grab anyone who has even something you didn’t like.

What is today called decriminalization of article 282 is not such a serious indulgence. Soften the first part and instead of the instant criminal case you face administrativka — and then, if the investigators will see in your actions aggravating circumstances. But who will vouch for investigators? You never know what they will come! Well, that criminal landings will be less — and thanks for that. But how will administrative Affairs! There is the process of initiation much easier, and the sentence of 15 days to make is much easier. All take up the broom and go for public works, simultaneously laying out of the pockets of 20 thousand re. We, media workers, need to be more careful. Because the press of administrative punishment threatened is even greater than before, and theoretically close annoying the editor will be even easier.

And let’s not forget that in the Code there is such a great article, as an insult of feelings of believers. There is a whole separate article for justification of terrorism. Remember that many times more people we punish not for enmity and hatred, and extremist symbols and extremist materials! These articles no insanity calls, although marasmic cases on him fully. And what’s to stop now to punish all as extremists? Just 282-I article was very offensive, and decided a little touch up. But even it has softened not too much. And other compositions remains as it is. Because the repressive structure of the society remained the same.

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