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The price of loyalty

Цена лояльности

The chamber, by definition, is designed to count money. But the basis of stability and Chechen authorities and Kadyrov is in the area of unaccounted money, which Vladimir Putin understands. It is polusrednego a society in which Kadyrov receives a fairly large amount for the corruption of buying loyalty and distributes it between influential clans, centers of power and specific characters.
Show more… From the European point of view is, of course, illegal, because there is no accountability he provides. But this way it ensures stability for the Kremlin, and the Kremlin knows it.

So Chechnya in the first place on the subsidies, more than 80% of the budget she make money from the centre. Plus the citizens of the Republic systematically forget to pay gas and electricity. And the expenditure of these funds is not controlled by anyone, Kadyrov knows better to whom and how much to pay. Putin understands this, as Kudrin. But he has such a duty to explain where and how money is spent. Its function is taken from the European state, and Kadyrov – from what Karl Marx called «Oriental despotism», when everything belongs to the person of the despot and no public institutions can’t control it.

Kadyrov can’t write Kudrin that «I spent so much, that this clan has given so much and so forth.» Money go only to Kadyrov known channels, and the output of this «black box» receives Putin’s vertical stability. And she understands that if funding is to cease, we will start infighting with attempts to put pressure on the centre, and the organizer of the analysis will be Kadyrov. So he said that instead of pestering us with control, you’d better give more and left.

Everything is clear and predictable. Just such a pleasure costs us around a billion dollars a year. Is one thousandth of our GDP, or about half of one percent of the budget. Instead we get a black hole, generating corrupt ways of solving the task, but producing the correct results of the vote – 650 thousand votes from Chechnya Putin receives in any weather. Kadyrov meets the requirements of medieval feudalism.

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