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The next meeting of Russian and American leaders is only possible in June 2019

Следующая встреча российского и американского лидеров возможна только в июне 2019 года

«During the G 20 summit in Buenos Aires was an earthquake, which in this part of the country practically do not exist. Many considered this a bad omen, but fortunately, cost — outcome, albeit with a dissenting opinion of the United States, in the end signed. However, the Russian delegation left disappointed Argentina : Vladimir Putin failed to convince trump to change its position on the incident in the Kerch Strait, while more substantive talks, which were expected in the Kremlin, did not take place in any format.

Of course, hope dies last… And yet she died. At the summit of the G 20 had many historic meetings, starting with talks between Britain and Argentina in the disputed Falkland Islands and ending the Shabbat table of Donald trump and President XI Jinping, where the US and China managed to conclude a long-awaited deal. However, the Russian-American talks at the highest level the achievements to fill and could not. Two days journalists who do not have access to any one event of the summit (it is a tradition that the leaders could feel free to communicate without interference) settled for sparse signals «do not say Hello», «greet each other,» «the handshake has taken place, contact was brief,» every time is literally passing on this information to their readers. Even Dmitry Peskov at one point broke down and said that all this has absolutely no value. «It is absolutely secondary elements, which are not worth paying attention to. Presidents need to meet. And now we regret that the discussion of vital issues is postponed to the indefinite future». — complained the representative of the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin himself at a press conference told reporters that the relationship with the owner of the White house still held for the gala dinner, literally, «in a nutshell»: he answered questions trump about the incident in the Kerch Strait and explained my position. But in the end each remained unconvinced. «Nothing, we wait for the American side is ready to conduct the meeting,» — said the President. More productive, apparently, this topic was able to talk with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that GDP was treated to Breakfast in Russian style (with red and black caviar), and the President of France Emmanuel Macron. Both leaders, Putin drew a diagram of the incident and detail has restored the chronology, based on the documents seized from the detained Ukrainian sailors: «If the log says that it seeks to secretly infiltrate into our territorial waters, what could be the objection? This is a provocation!» The President said that he did not know what impression his arguments made to the European colleagues, but the reaction was quiet.

It is noteworthy that judging by the instagram Angela Merkel, over dinner, Putin was able to communicate not only with Donald trump, but with his wife Melania, who was sitting nearby. However, GDP did not remember this moment, and refused to disclose to reporters details of his conversation with the first lady. «You must be confused with last year’s «twenty» — he suggested. Whatever it was, but Melanie and all the family trump (and in Buenos Aires came also the eldest daughter Ivanka with her husband) for the duration of the summit did not descend from the front pages of Argentine Newspapers, Internet portals and TV screens. Press «licked» every word and gesture of the American President, and in two days he’d done a lot.

First cancelled the talks with Vladimir Putin, then missed two meetings of the G20 (including the most important, when the leaders meet face to face) and finally to the heap refused to hold a final press conference, allegedly in connection with the death of George Bush. But really, as I suspect the American media, because another round of «Relegate» associated with confessions of a former lawyer trump Cohen about contacts with the Russian leadership. (Dmitry Peskov has said that all his evidence is nonsense, we are talking about two emails sent to the shared address of the press service). At the talks with President of Argentina Mauricio Macri trump threw on the floor working machine for simultaneous translation. And on the «family photo», when all the «beautiful standing and smiling» — actively gesticulating and loudly talking with neighbors, making it difficult for photographers. In General, a huge balloon «baby trump» launched in downtown Buenos Aires anti-globalists, perfectly reflects the psychological essence of the American President is ill-mannered child, who believes that the world revolves around him and everyone should indulge his «wishlist» and whims.

In turn, Melania trump standard was praised for the style and counted the cost of her attire (no dress in the end is not estimated less than in $ 3 thousand), however, the greatest award of Argentines won the Queen of the Netherlands maxima, unassumingly looking after the gala dinner in the nearest café to order a Cup of ice cream. As for Vladimir Putin, wrote about him a lot, but only for two reasons. First, due to the cancellation of the meeting with Donald trump, which in Argentina, as elsewhere in the world had high hopes. And secondly, because of handshake, which he exchanged with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.

As already wrote «MK», position senior Saudis because of the suspicion of involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Casucci at the summit was obviously very ticklish, and this was confirmed by the reaction of the leaders. Prime Minister Theresa may has met the crown Prince with a straight face and demanded an explanation. Turkish President Recep Erdogan passed and not noticed. Trump at first it was reported that «exchanged pleasantries», but then he came around and said that it is only for a brief greeting. It is not surprising that against this background, sweeping handshake between Vladimir Putin and bin Salman high-five, accompanied by friendly smiles, has attracted worldwide attention and was the subject of numerous reviews in the Internet and media.


At a press conference the Russian leader did not begin to hide that held very intense talks with the crown Prince, on whom the murder of the journalist, apparently, paid little attention. (GDP signaled that it is satisfied with the explanation given by the Saudis at one of the events of the G20). The main topic of discussion was the oil and here for Russia, finally came good news. «We have reached an agreement on the reduction of oil production», — said the GDP, adding that the specific amount is still need to agree on, but what would have happened the final figure, it can be adjusted based on the situation on the market. Not hard to guess that the decline in production (and even statements) is likely to lead to higher prices for «black gold», which is beneficial both Russia and Saudi Arabia. Although Putin recently said that $60 per barrel — this is the normal price versus $80 no one will not mind, especially in light of the ambitious of the may decrees.

With regard to the outcome documents of the G 20 summit, the Russian President praised very restrained. However, breakthrough solutions from the powers that be at this time nobody expected. Thank you, that they basically failed to agree on a joint statement, even with the dissenting opinion of the United States, confirmed his exit from the Paris climate agreement, but promised to fight global warming along with all the others. World leaders also called for reform of the WTO to revive world trade, strengthen the role of women in the economy and to pay special attention to the challenges on the labour market. In General, as expected: concealed differences for common words and standard formulas. The next meeting of the G20 to be held in June 2019. and it seems that up to this moment the Russian and American presidents will not need to hold (or at least try to spend) bilateral negotiations.

Unless, of course, «baby trump» decides to change the rattle…

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