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The most stylish hats this winter. Photo

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. ФотоStay warm.

Fashion caps winter 2018-2019 perfect fit in luxurious look and casual look. From the variety of hats this winter there are several basic trends.

Knitted hats

«Everything is passing, and women’s knitted hats – eternal!» Fashion historians believe that thing came on wooden sticks, was the first headdress that consciously covered his head by our ancestors.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Knitted caps were worn by soldiers and sailors, merchants and scientists, and in General, knitting hats has long been the prerogative of men. Women picked up needles relatively recently, only a couple of centuries ago and the current balance on knitted hats like this: men think that women embody.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Knitted hats winter 2018-2019 may be: sporty and classic, elegant and cool. This season the cap as never adapts to your inner self.

Hats knit

Chunky knit is trendy! In fact, «the Prize of spectator sympathies» hats knit’ve still got two seasons ago, but this winter they have finally conquered the catwalks and the streets.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

The explanation of the phenomenon on the face – no face, which do not suit this type of headgear and there is no way that this cap was not added. Asos, Next, Pennyblack and many other famous brands have given their masters needles (by the way, you can follow their example for yourself!

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

A very trendy hat this season — most importantly, to walk in calm weather. Can blow out.

Hats with pompom

A playful accessory could hold their positions for several seasons. Winter hats with the POM-poms were the key components in the collections of Tommy Hilfiger, Acne Studios and Hunter Original.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

The POM-POM on a knitted hat this winter should be large and very bright.


Hats-Bini (eng. – «beanie» — Bob that head), in fact, something simple and unpretentious. You probably were so, and not one remember the wonderful caps that sit tightly on your head and demanded that horrible strap?

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Classic beanie beanie is very trendy this season.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Binny immediately became trends for a long time, these hats remained the headwear of the working class. But once in the school locker room, Bini won the hearts (and head of youth) and became a part of the grunge subculture. Today without them can not do any fashion show, and celebrities EN masse give them preference. Fashionable models of hats-Bini now very affordable. Smooth knit or loose knit crochet fashion does not detract from the advantages of this accessory. In General, choosing a beanie, I look up to the stars and no longer tormented by the question: «What kind of hat to wear with a jacket or a lace dress?»!


Preference berets give American designers and Italian designers. Picks – hit of the season autumn-winter. Photos from the Paris shows are as classic berets, and berets, generously adorned with bright details – rhinestones, feathers, brooches and the same POM-POM!

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Trendy colors of the season – it’s all possible colors. Neutral black, acid brash, seductive scarlet, chocolate brown, noble grey, paramilitary khaki beret today combined with everything and with everyone. And fashionable hats may be knitted, and made of felt. In the love of berets openly confessed Gucci, Luisa Beccaria, Desigual, and, of course, John Galliano! What to wear with a beret? With heels and sneakers, a jacket and short coats, with pleasure and with a fresh croissant in the clutch!


Familiarity with a cap-toe (aka, cap-stocking) began in the international community with a distinctive hats that are already a couple of decades are of the youth hip hop artists da graffiti exclusively male. For women era hats-socks began approximately in 2014, when unisex became sexy. Fans of the subculture Swag mix this accessory with loose sweaters and tight leggings, and those who are thinking about the mainstream, the underground combine the headgear with all your wardrobe.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Cap-toe come to a mink coat. Feel free to be expressive.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Volume caps-stockings look good on a narrow face, but tightly fitting cap socks are suitable for round faces.

Hat hood

In fact, the cap-hood is the same hat-bonnet. But angarova hoods the color of fresh beets still cause tremors throughout the body, so the designers have breathed new life into this old hat. If at the beginning of its inception, the hoods resembled more insulated bonnets with ribbons, today ladies prefer long knitted cloth, which is so nice to oneself when it’s chilly autumn or severe winter. Transformation in hats-hoods for hoods was painless and only added points to this type of hats.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Stylish hats-hoods appropriate where sodam and head stockings no access – worn coat or a sheepskin coat. By the way, the hat is a hood yet and the perfect solution for girls who are looking for a hat full face hood is ideal for any type of person!

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Helmets – distant relatives, the cap of the hood. They are meant for girls, a leading sports way of life and categorically does not suit the owners of broad cheekbones and large facial features.


In the category of «Fashionable hats autumn-winter» and got all kinds of turbans. Hollywood ladies mostly prefer to wind on the head of Babylon from chiffon, velvet and other glamorous fabrics, but beautiful turbans can be knitted, made of fine knit.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

However, be careful – collected in tail hair under the turban greatly enlarged face.

Hats with veil

Veil on a knitted cap similar flavor to a familiar dish. She appeared on the winter hat a couple of seasons ago, but not going to leave him. Autumn/winter 2018-2019 veil selects hats, crochet on the hook and large loop.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Supposed to veil a bouquet of artificial flowers or a charming fly-peas!

Fur hats

That would not do activists PETA, the fur will never leave our wardrobes. Here and fur hats do not lose their relevance. But choosing winter fur headdress, still focus on the relevance of styles, colors and quality of the fur. Smack in the yellow Arctic Fox «pots» to give the mercy of moths and don’t even try to adapt them to modern realities. The new Millennium dictates the rules and in accordance with these rules even the customary fur hats gain a second wind.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Mink hat can look great with an image on the heels.


Cap – very fashionable women’s hats that (Malachi) has survived the Tatar-Mongol yoke, treukhov overcame tsarist times, the military marched attribute in the Soviet era and came to us modern luxury headdress. Fur hats we have seen in the shows of Moncler Gamme and Ralph Lauren this year. So, in this and next year, we will regularly meet with earflaps on the streets.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Choosing a fur hat, stop for volumetric models of the long fur. Let the pile will be painted in unexpected colors. Blue, purple, yellow fur will attract the attention of all without exception, and this hat will be on your head a crown!

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

The hat looks especially stylish in the snow.


The show goes on and styles refuse to get out of it! Armani say that fashionable hats autumn-winter – it’s hats-the bowler hat, the Lanvin insist on the cowboy version, Fedora is a fashion Yves Saint Laurent, Donna Karan decorated with a classical hat with fluffy details, but all the designers agree that hats are the new season must have exaggerated the field.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Let them not be wide, even field desperately bent up hat 2018-2019 extremely elegant. If you are the owner of a luxury car, the best time to demonstrate such acquisition – spring. Then the hat would not endanger the snowdrifts, and you won’t turn a walking with the snow haute couture.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Hat can look good with a winter parkai.

Jockey hats

Funny hat often flashed at fashion Weeks. It is, of course, intended to ride, but this fashionable cap looks great while riding around the city! Emilio Pucci remain committed to gokaku leather, Anna Sui offers a combination of different textures of fabrics, and Lanvin are sure that fashionable cap for drive needs to be decorated with fringe.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

What can I say? Accessory, of course, controversial and is suitable only for bold and even somewhat desperate girls.


Perfectly round top, visor below the eyebrows is a cap of the new season. DKNY puts on the cap various logos, striking the imagination of intricate prints, selects Dsquared2 snakeskin, Custo Barcelona relies on bright colors.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

But the winter cap should be warm, really, captain Obvious?

Hats with ears

The lugs are still in fashion. They were worn and continue to wear Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. The size of the ears become more and more provocative, and their jewelry is more shiny. Ears kitty and Mickey mouse all the time on top and not lose their relevance in this winter.

Самые стильные головные уборы этой зимы. Фото

Felt hat with cat ears would look good with long hair and transform your look in a playful. Mink fur hat with ears is the best solution for harsh winters.

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