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The Manager, who returned to the homes of residents of Tambov heat is being persecuted for what he saved

Менеджера, вернувшего в дома жителей Тамбова тепло, преследуют за то, что он сэкономил

For a successful project — under arrest

The Manager, who returned to the homes of residents of Tambov heat is being persecuted for what he saved.

In the Tambov region a big scandal erupted around one of the main regional projects of recent years — providing inhabitants with warmth in their homes. After numerous complaints of Tambovka in the cold in their homes «Tambov thermal power company» (JSC «TTK»), was implemented an emergency program for the construction of heat supply stations in different parts of the city. Moreover, it was implemented in record short time, and from the planned budget savings of 123 million rubles. In particular, for the implementation of this programme, the Governor of the region Alexander Nikitin was awarded the 2017 award «Economist of the year». It would seem that all is well with residents and the head of the region happy. However, apparently, liked what happened is not all. The person who led the implementation of the program, recognized as one of the most successful in Russia, — the head of «TTK» Nikolai Lazarev proposed a «nicely» to leave his post. And when he refused, investigators accused him of embezzling funds for the project on the construction of the heating units, which was recognized as one of the most cost-effective.

And this story began. In the fall of 2015 and the ensuing winter at the site of administration of the Tambov region came under a barrage of complaints. The point of all of this boiled down to one thing: in the apartments and houses have a terrible cold, and sometimes happens completely disable heating. Here are excerpts from such complaints: «Freeze and as a consequence hurt the elderly and young children. How long should we tolerate this»; «we are All 13 Sep 2015 voted for change and a fresh force in the control region… Beginning of the heating season failed», etc. On the complaints, it was felt that people on the verge of despair and their next step will be mass appeals to the Federal centre.

Suffered residents of the Northern part of Tambov. The cause of their troubles was simple: heat networks were extremely worn, and on the way to the consumer most of the heat simply «left in the ground». In addition, the piping for the heating season can occur up to several tens of breakthroughs which were eliminated quickly. To this was added another problem: the natural landscape. The North of the city is elevated and equipment of boiler-houses simply could not provide the desired pressure. The situation was critical and demanded urgent decisions.

MUP «Tambovenergo», which was responsible for heating, by this time was safely bankrupt. First and foremost, due to the fact that he almost did not reach the money that tambovchanka pay ICC for heat. This situation even caused lit «Komsomolskaya Pravda» a squabble between the Director of the MUP «Tambovenergo» Vladislav Landsberg and Deputy Aleksey Vlaskina, for many years head of the unitary enterprise «United clearing center». «It is unfortunate that the Deputy Alexey Vlaskin, being in 2013-2015, the head of the MUP «United clearing center», then did not show the same activity. Although it is the settlement center in those years was responsible for the funds of bona fide tambucan paid for the «communal» still came to suppliers», — said Landsberg.

As a result of the project implementation to ensure tambucan warmth in place of «Tambovenergo» was created TTK, OOO. Its founders were TAGUP «ICC» (50%) and JSC «GT Energy» (50%). The latter structure belongs to the CHP plant in Tambov. The replacement of many kilometers of heating systems, the creation from scratch 17 6 Central and individual heating units was given only six months (may-October 2016). I was «suspended» budget. The total value of the objects according to the project documentation made by the Institute «Tambovskaya», amounted to 456 million rubles. While the same «ICC» was ready to allocate 100 million rubles, and then only for construction materials. The problem seemed unmanageable, and wanting to solve it.

As a result, «recess» was thrown Nikolai Lazarev, who was appointed CEO of TTK, OOO. (He was actually «PT Energy»). Under his leadership, was re-routed 11.7 km of heating systems, installed all 23 heat points. And managed to meet before the heating season, and in the fall of 2016, the residents of Tambov for the first time in many years felt that their houses and flats is really warm. The website of the regional administration to replace the complaints showered with letters of appreciation. The main thing — thanks to project Lazarus is 456 million rubles at a cost of 123 million rubles less. Such successes Tambov region noted in the Federal centre: in 2017, the Governor Alexander Nikitin, including the data project was awarded the national prize of «Economist of the year».

After such a success, «TTK», the regional authorities have decided to transfer the company leased a part of the network. Were also taken into account errors in the story of «Tambovenergo» when MUP almost did not reach the proceeds of ICC of the population for heat. As a result, «TTK» was allowed to directly receive a fee from the residents of Tambov for services rendered. According to interlocutors of «Rosbalt» the last moment «hurt» was shot on the ICC and its senior managers. Recall TAGUP is headed by Alexey Vlaskin.

As told the Agency the wife of Nikolay Lazarev, Irina, her husband began to receive persistent proposals to voluntarily give way to the CEO to someone from representatives of the ICC. «Nicholas refused, then it came to outright threats, including going to jail. However, the husband was absolutely sure that since law enforcement officers cannot be any questions. The project was estimated 456 million rubles. And probably be Nicholas dishonorable man, he would have «mastered» the same amount. But he has saved 123 million rubles,» — says Irina Lazareva.

However, as it turned out, so thought not all. Alexey Vlaskin has filed a complaint with the police and the SU Ministry of internal Affairs in the Tambov region opened a criminal case under article 160 of the RF criminal code (embezzlement). The attention of investigators was attracted to the following point: in-built thermal points were no Windows, which according to the original design documentation was estimated at 4.6 million rubles. Lazarev instantly detained, and the court chose the measure of restraint in form of detention. And then it began to happen extremely entertaining event.

Sending Lazarev in jail, the judge relied on the investigators submitted by the e-ticket in the name of Lazarev on the flight «Moscow-Yerevan». Supposedly he confirmed that the head of the TTK wanted to hide. However, the lawyers Lazarev showed that neither he nor his relatives this ticket is not bought. This has made the Internet a unknown person. But all this is minor compared to the plot charges, which, in the opinion of interlocutors of «Rosbalt», began to crumble before our eyes.

First, the suppliers of thermal points were known and existing firms, not connected with Lazarev. Any «traces» that the head of the «TTK» from the transactions could have at least some personal benefit, the investigators failed to detect, and then was applied to another formulation: that the money he squandered in favor of some «third parties». Why Lazarev did, not explained.

Second, it turned out that the Windows in these thermal points and not meant to be. Since the cost of a typical heat points does not «fit» in the project budget, the staff of «TTK» under the leadership of Lazarus began to look for ways to reduce their prices. In the result, it was decided to abandon the expensive Windows, etc. All the points came in much lower than their standard rates, and the window therefore not paid. Thanks to many innovative solutions, like Windows, Lazarus and managed to save the entire project 123 million rubles.

It became clear that, to put it mildly, the story of the Windows for a criminal offense does not pull. And then, in relation to Lazarus to bring other things for the same reasons as with Windows. For example, there was a case of illegal entrepreneurship. Supposedly some work «TTR» conducted without the appropriate licenses.

Measure Lazareva still changed to house arrest, but the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, place the Lazarev headed «TTK» was taken by the representative of the ICC, and the company quickly repeated the fate of the «Tambovenergo» — now she is in the process of bankruptcy.

According to interlocutors of «Rosbalt», the situation with one of the most successful projects in the field of power engineering has developed a completely stalemate and, it seems, at the level of Tambov region is not solvable. Therefore, the whole story, including with a strange criminal cases against Lazareva, requires the intervention of the Federal government and Federal law enforcement agencies.

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