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The «junk» business unfavorable changes

«Мусорному» бизнесу невыгодны перемены

To apply global experience of separate collection in the Russian reality it is not so difficult. And this does not interfere with the peculiarities of Russian mentality.

What prevents the transition to a system of separate waste and how to act if you don’t want to throw garbage in the General trash, in an interview with «Rosbaltu» said the Chairman of the Association «Separate Collection» Tatiana Nagorskaya.

-There is a widespread opinion that the separate collection of waste does not take root here, as not characteristic of the Russian mentality. Do with us so bad?
Show completely…

— The mentality is completely innocent, and the system of separate waste accumulation can be established in our country just as in many other States. Even the authorities are already talking about the request at its introduction — although more recently this has been impossible even to think.

Our actions show that many have been ready a responsible approach to the solution of a «garbage issue». For example, when in St. Petersburg have just begun to install containers for collecting batteries, the first days they were constantly overcrowded. That is, people hoarded hazardous waste, knowing that they cannot be put into the General bucket.

The problem lies elsewhere. Little be taught that garbage no need to stir. In the first place should be given the opportunity not to. If not, then talk about a civilized approach to waste useless. All the knowledge will be sent «in the closet», and nothing essentially will not change.

— However, a matter of habit, probably also plays a big role. For example, residents of apartment buildings usually use the garbage disposal — that, by definition, incompatible with separate collection. How easy is it to abandon the way he’s grown accustomed to over the years?

— We just think that people are not willing to change. In fact, they happen all the time, and we don’t even notice how quickly adapt to them. Garbage disposal in their current form, of course, can not work. They should only be used for a single waste fractions or brew. By the way, almost all new buildings refuse chutes do not open.

— In your opinion, how much time it may need for the transition to the new system of waste accumulation and where to start?

— A reasonable approach its implementation will take two to three years.

If to speak about purely technical aspects, first, it is necessary to develop the appropriate infrastructure on the local area. Unfortunately, in many residential complexes capacity, not so much — not enough space.

But the situation in any case is not hopeless. You can, for example, to use embedded containers. That is the bulk of the waste will be under the ground. This method, incidentally, is very common in European countries.

Another very important point — the entire system of collection and disposal of garbage have to be as transparent as possible. Public confidence must not be undermined in any case, otherwise be accustomed most to separate waste collection will never get.

So you need to constantly tell people what happens to the recyclables that they put in special containers, where he was sent and that it is made. There should not be such that the inhabitants threw the trash, and then don’t know anything about his fate.

— Really, and where is the guarantee that the carefully sorted garbage will not go on one major landfill?

— That speech is a guarantee only in case of providing all the information, in case, you can always check.

By the way, must be very good to understand that if you have established in your yard a system of separate accumulation of municipal solid waste (MSW), then send them to General polygons unprofitable. For the removal and disposal of the management company is obliged to pay. The appropriate box, you can easily find in their monthly bills.

But if you have good containers recycled, it is taken by processing companies. In this case, to send waste to landfill is just silly.

— What would be the main obstacle on the way to separate waste collection?

— Unfortunately, current legislation — both Federal and regional — not conducive to a separate collection was a priority. Therefore, tools for the implementation of the system very little.

I did not mention that such approach is not in the interests of the regional operators, which now is closed disposal of MSW in almost all regions. The more they take out of the mixed waste, the more money you make, and so will hang back and try to avoid the introduction of separate collection.

— In this case emerges is not a very optimistic forecast. It turns out, the largest player in the «junk market» is frankly unfavorable changes, and the efforts of activists, unfortunately, not enough to radically change the situation….

— We are optimistic — or it would not work. But until changes at the legislative level, the fracture in this direction, of course, will not happen.

And now we are essentially laying down the bomb. The regional operator is selected for a period of ten years. The interests of producers ready to take waste for treatment and to account for them, he ignores. Moreover, it is advantageous to inhibit such initiatives.

Though generally the regional operator needs to act in a way that is beneficial to all and not just him — and as a commercial company. Therefore, his income should be put in dependence on defined targets — for example, reduce the amount of waste. Such precedents in the world is, and this scheme works quite successfully.

— The conditions for separate waste accumulation yet exist in very few homes. What to do if you wish to separate domestic waste and to recycle?

— Several possibilities. First, you need to visit the site where there is a map of reception of recyclable materials, to select the type of waste that you want to pass, and see what opportunities are available closer to your home. Of course, we must note that the national map and is not always updated immediately.

You can also convince your management company to develop a separate accumulation of waste in your yard. Walking distance is still half the battle, you Can seek advice from our movement, we will instruct, as correctly all to make. In Petersburg, as in many other cities there are enterprises ready to take the sorted waste.

In addition, every first Saturday of the month the shares are held «Separate collection». On them we take ten different fractions of recyclable materials, and the same day it goes on site processing companies.

— Separation of garbage in ten categories requires a lot of enthusiasm…

— All not so bad. Do not forget the experience of stock not applicable to the local separate collection. We accept very strict instructions, because once sent recyclables in different enterprises, and their own capacity for sorting we have.

Formats of separate collection for residential buildings very much. A lot depends on the conditions in each immediate yard and the capabilities of the procurer, which will be raw to take. Of course, the more factions, the better the quality of recyclables. But there are cases when, for example, paper, glass and plastic are collected in one container, and then dosourceroute on automatic systems.

In any case, the experience accumulated around the world is very large, and apply it in our reality is not so difficult.

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