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The first paper money in Russia is produced napkins 250 years ago

Первые бумажные деньги в России изготовили из салфеток 250 лет назад

In 1769 Catherine II approved the Manifesto on the creation of the first paper money in Russia. By order of the Empress came the first 25, 50, 75 and 100 rubles, which made paper napkins and tablecloths. Previously, the money was more like a book cover, but after a while evolved and become what we are now.

Instead of the traditional horizontal format, paper money did with a vertical pattern. Used single color printing and beautiful fonts for clearance of the money covers.

On each of the banknotes adorned with the order of the Apostle Andrew, and in the center was a two-headed eagle is depicted today on the coat of arms of Russia. Also present was the inscription: «Rest and protects», «Love of country» and «Valid to use Nadezhda».

Also on the money portrayed inaccessible rock, under which a raging sea. Enemies meant the heads of the monsters.

Banknotes issued of the denominations of anything between them did not differ, except for the numbers. Other than that they were the same color and apparently nothing was remarkable.

Until that moment, until the power came Catherine II, Russia was used only coins. They were made of gold, silver and copper. However, in the mid-18th century, money has become the main means for the acquisition of goods in the country and had to come up with alternative coins. To create them would require a huge amount of resources and time.

There were difficulties with the delivery of large sums of money. For example, to move 1 thousand coins needed at least two carts weighing 62.5 pounds.

After the introduction into circulation of banknotes in 1771 appeared the counterfeiters. They altered Bank notes of 25 rubles 75 rubles. A little later, for it introduced the death penalty.

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