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«The film industry» talked with Dave Whitehead, sound designer of «Attraction»

One of the most secret and ambitious Russian projects in 2017, the year is «Gravity» by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The fourth in the history of Russian film, which will be released in the IMAX format, really took off under the cover of secrecy. We only know that the plot of the story lies the wreck in the South of Moscow unidentified flying object of enormous size and that the film was shot with the full support of the Ministry of defense, which helped the consultants and the personnel, and the latest technology. Key frames are still secret, but because we’ll talk about the sound. The theme of the film dictates unearthly sound score. The creation of which is for «Attraction» has been the Aussie Dave Whitehead, sound designer of «District 9» and «Lord of the rings.»

«The film industry» talked with Dave Whitehead, sound designer of «Attraction»

Victoria Samojlovym «Attraction» is the first Russian global film project about the meeting with extraterrestrial civilization. What he is wondering?

Dave Withalso I was approached by the sound engineer of the project — Andrey Belikov when I was in New Zealand. He said that Fyodor Bondarchuk wants to invite me to your project so I «revived» the world of the aliens and everything connected with them. I saw the edited video and was overjoyed, then I read the script, and he also made a big impression on me. I think fans of the fantastic genre around the world will be happy. First, based on «Attraction» — the original story, and secondly, computer special effects is done very efficiently, on a global level, experts have worked on glory, I don’t know how the staff worked, but I think very big. I liked the acting. And although I did not understand what they were saying, didn’t want to be distracted by subtitles, the characters got me hooked, believe them, their interest is truly touching. There were many moments when I had to catch my breath, sometimes I even laughed when the heroes came funny situations. In General, this picture combines everything you need for a good sci-Fi movie: action, drama and Comedy. And I wanted to be a part of it.

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Victoria Samoilovskaya more about the process how you created the sound world of the aliens?

Dave Whitehead home I have this round ball for fitness, I imagined that this is a spaceship. It is also of spherical shape. It was fun to sit in a room and imagine how it would sound, how sound carried to Moscow, and then to destroy one of her sleeping areas. For the «Attraction» I spent a lot of fascinating experiments with water. For example, I went… in the shower! (smiles and says, jokingly like, and then it turns out that really). I took a special microphone with him, fastened it from one side of the glass partition and on the other side let it flow. This vibration is then entered in the sound palette created, along with other audio notes, images of aliens. A lot of work done by a team of engineers from Moscow, with whom I was constantly in touch. They recorded the sound of cracking ice on lake Baikal during spring break. I’m so glad that we have these records because in Wellington like to do is simply impossible, the snow we have, of course, not a frequent occurrence. One of the engineers sent me an audio recording of this characteristic sound — it was a very interesting noise, it has also become an important part of the sound world of aliens. In a special programme for the sound processing I made it even deeper. Under it in the film, the aliens will move.

Trailer of the movie «Gravity»
Victoria Samoilova worked on many internationally renowned projects, including was responsible for sound design in a fantasy film «District 9». Do you apply the sounds from the collected sound library in «Gravity»?

Dave Withease working on many paintings I have accumulated a decent library of sounds, but of course when I am invited into a new project, expect me to do something original, I myself always strive to, so do not use old records and create only exclusive sound effects. Viewers are not fooled, they are very sensitive to sound, because it expands the boundaries of the screen and enhances the effect of the picture. People want to hear the unique sound score that never heard — and will be in the «Attraction».

Trailer of the movie «Gravity»
Victoria Samoilova «Attraction» you also worked on sound for numerous military installations. Tell us about it?

Dave Withada doing sound installation combined several elements that came up and got my colleagues from Moscow. They did a great job: recorded sound atmosphere of the destroyed bunkers and missile silos, the noise of tanks and armoured personnel carriers, Ural and Tiger. But what is most surprising to me, recorded UPS of fighters from the deck of the aircraft carrier «Admiral Kuznetsov». When I heard it, just could not believe! Such rich material, multi-layered texture. We have in Wellington with the aircraft carrier problem! (laughs)

Promotional video of the film «Gravity»
Victoria Samoilovna me your profession is a mystery, it’s like magic, you invent new sounds, in fact, create them out of nowhere. What inspires you?

Dave Witheld, it is. Sound design is a plausible illusion of real sound, some kind of a trick. I strive to make the audience believe in this fictional sound. When I start to think of the effects, of course, primarily based on the film. Fyodor Bondarchuk immediately set a clear goal, defined a sound concept of the film, which, according to his idea, should be based on the properties of water. I immediately began to record the sounds that surround me. I live next to the Pacific ocean, I picked up the phone and went to the beach, dropped it in the water, began to emit a characteristic gurgling sound, recorded it, then we have transformed what happened to the shocks that will cause the aliens. This is very important: when set to a specific direction of the movie I create in this framework, understanding what is required of me.

The teaser of the film «Gravity»
Victoria Samoilovite do you have a favorite sound?

Dave Withamerican birds, Kokako — they are from the family of new Zealand starlings. It’s just a magical sound that is really pleasant! Like the sounds of whales, only with trees. The sound I used when I worked on the «Lord of the rings». And when I was doing sound for the «kin Kong», climbing on trees and jumping on them, then there was a lot of bruising. For me it’s also very important to use real natural sounds, they are my tools, «building blocks» in the Foundation of the house sound.

Frame from the movie «Gravity»

Victoria Samoilovite your first job in Russia, your first visit to Moscow. How did you like them?

Dave Withelma all very much. You know, the world is very large and at the same time is very small, thanks to the world wide web. In the distance we very densely worked together as a team. Now, when I came to Moscow, we became even more United. You have great people and great food. In Russia, I immediately wanted to record some sound, sorry I forgot my recorder at home. I saw the Red square and the Kremlin, about your attractions I heard when I was a child. I have a friend from Russia, he told me about your beautiful culture. I know the music of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev, as a child, watching Soviet cartoons, remember how on the TV show the tale of Peter and the Wolf. Now I know I have a lot of discoveries, including in the field of cinema. When I was invited to this project, I studied the biography of a novel, I read on the Internet that he is a very talented Director, continues his father’s work, now want to learn more Russian films.

Frame from the movie «Gravity»

Victoria Samoilovichi the main experience you have gained in the process of working on «Gravity»?

Dave Withaccording film brings something new into my life. I am 46 years old, I’m more than a quarter century in this business, I measure the years most interesting projects. My 2016 is held under the sign of «Attraction», but in parallel I am working on several paintings. But this film is special to me. 36-hour flight from New Zealand to Russia was worth it. I saw the burning eyes of people who work on this film. I hope we will cooperate in the future. This is a great opportunity to open doors and begin to make friends. Let’s make the world closer.

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