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The doctors said that you need to know about blood pressure

Медики рассказали, что нужно знать об артериальном давлении Average blood pressure is considered 120/80 figures.

In a country where it is extremely important to have at least minimal knowledge of medicine, because you always risk not to wait for the Ambulance, I didn’t know how to understand the numbers on the tonometer. Today we decided to look into the origins of the metrics that affects your blood pressure is and how to cope with poor health.

How to understand the indicators?

When measuring pressure using the tonometer reflect two numbers: the top signifies the strength of the systolic pressure and the lower diastolic. When the heart beat pushes the blood and sends it throughout the body via the arteries, creating pressure through the blood vessels, it is called systolic. Diastolic pressure, which is formed in the arteries when the heart is «resting» between beats. During this relaxation heart fills with blood and gets oxygen. It may give the impression that the more blood is pushed through the vessels, the better — but this is a serious misconception. Imagine that your body is the garden in which blood vessels act as a hose for watering. Blood, of course, acts as water. If you’re going to water the plants in the garden, you turn the faucet on low power to avoid damaging the plants with a strong jet. For this the analogs you can really destroy the organs of the body strong blood pressure.

What is accepted as the norm?

If your systolic pressure exceeds the figure of 130, you should think about how to change a few habits in relation to their health. High blood pressure can lead to the development of chronic disease — hypertension, which is closely linked with many other serious diseases. It harms the arteries, increases the risk of stroke, dementia and kidney disease. Low pressure below 110 systolic, usually does not cause serious concern to doctors, but there are a few situations in which you should avoid reduced values. If a lower value on the monitor side by side with dizziness, fainting, pregnancy or medication, it is important to seek the advice of a physician. If you constantly have low pressure, particularly after awakening, then this condition becomes chronic disease — hypotonia. Women are affected more, as the risk of reduced pressure increases during menstruation. The main symptoms of hypotension are General weakness, appearance of shortness of breath and dizziness. It is worth noting that your numbers may not correspond to the norm of 120/80, but you can still be healthy it is important to consider individual characteristics and analyze their performance over several months at different times of the day.

How to normalize?

If you pay attention to what is often experience mood swings, fatigue for no particular reason, numbness or pain in the extremities, and is accompanied by a deviation from the norm — you should consult a cardiologist for further investigation. Special attention should be paid and how often change your metrics: if the pressure jumps up and down, should take a few important restrictions on their lifestyle. Make sure that that your diet was balanced, abstain from salt and regularly do sports. Avoid Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Don’t forget that your body needs to be supported for a normal fluid balance and regularly drink clean water.

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