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The doctors explained who can’t eat sauerkraut

Врачи объяснили, кому нельзя есть квашеную капустуDoctors noted the special danger of using sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut is usually called helpful — but remember: its use can not only bring benefits but also impair health.

According to doctors, sauerkraut is really a storehouse of vitamins. But besides these, this product also contains salt, and in large quantities. Therefore, when hypersensitivity to salt, the consumption of sauerkraut could cause the appearance of edema.

«The people in the age in which the endocrine system works effectively enough, the use of such a salt product may face rapid changes in pressure. If you ignore them, eventually developing hypertension and increases the risk of stroke,» warned the experts.

In addition, sauerkraut is acetic acid, and people suffering from gastritis, it can give a lot of trouble — specifically to provoke strong pain in the stomach. Do not forget that cabbage, and fresh and pickled, stimulates the excretion of iodine with any thyroid problems to use it, you should not.

Doctors noted the special danger of fresh sauerkraut – product after the second or third day of salting. In a cabbage develop harmful bacteria and its consumption can lead to damage to the pancreas. In addition dangerous to eat sauerkraut, which was long preserved in an inappropriate place. Be careful when purchasing the product.

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