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The creators of «Star wars» has joined the protest against Donald trump

The emblem of the rebels from the universe of «Star wars» a few days ago has been modified by the fans of this movie series as a sign of protest against the new President of the USA of Donald trump — it was added English (safety) pin. This symbol for the first time this year demonstrated to the world the residents of UK who thus expressed their solidarity with immigrants who are victims of attacks after the country decided to withdraw from the European Union. A pin fixed on the clothing, means that the person wearing it, no need to fear.

The creators of «Star wars» has joined the protest against Donald trump

Fans of the universe of «Star wars», felt the victory trump a tragedy for the entire population of America, attached a safety pin on the emblem of the rebels, comparing the plot of «Outcast-one. Star wars: History» that occurred in the United States. In the end, the protest was joined by two of the writers of the film – Chris Weitz and Gary Witt. On Friday evening Weitz in his Twitter wrote: «Please note that Empire also advocated the superiority of the white race». His message was complemented from Gary Witt: «Empire opposed to the multi-national group headed by a brave woman.»

Several hours later, both tweets were deleted, but later Weitz posted another one:“Star wars” against hatred. Tell us about it all.»

The message that Chris Weitz tweeted

This message was later shared with your readers of mark Hamill performing in the series «Star wars» role of Luke Skywalker. Started a wave of protests against the presidency of Donald trump connected with his earlier statements about different nationalities and minorities. In particular, the new US President was going to ban entry into the country of the Muslims, on the border with Mexico to build a wall and to tighten immigration laws, depriving the migrants of social welfare.

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