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The automobile market of Europe was faced with a serious problem

Автомобильный рынок Европы столкнулся с серьезной проблемой Sales of new cars continue to decrease.

In 2018 in Europe has slowed sales of new cars. Experts predict that in 2019 the European automotive market if they increase, it is not more than 1-1,5%. Automakers are forced to invest huge funds in the development of new technologies and electric vehicles, and save in other areas.

Suppliers of automotive components is also concerned that, in 2019, States can impose additional tariffs on cars from Europe; that Britain leaves the European Union without the consent of all disputes; that still felt the effects introduced on 1 September 2018 in Europe a new test to determine the level of emissions the cars of harmful substances.

In recent years, suppliers of automotive components sold or allocated in the separate company divisions which were less important for their medium-term or long-term strategic plans. This led to the creation of companies Veoneer, Delphi Technologies and Adient. In 2019, this trend will continue (Continental plans to get rid of one of its divisions).

In addition, in recent years, the component suppliers often entered into an Alliance with automakers, or with each other. In 2019, this trend will continue.

Suppliers of automotive components, as automakers have to invest a lot of money in new technologies. For example, ZF plans to invest 3 billion euros in the development of technologies related to electric vehicles.

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