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The authors of «28 Panfilov» answered the claims of the press and accepted thanks

For several years since then, I became aware of the work on the film «28 Panfilov», the society discusses the historical background of the myth about their feat, juggling documents, despite the fact that thousands of people are at this time donated to the project their money, gathering up an impressive amount. Now the press saw the film and asked questions.

The authors of «28 Panfilov» answered the claims of the press and accepted thanks

The first thing the team that created the film, asked if they like themselves that they did. One and all replied that in their work they are satisfied. Of course, up to the viewer, but they like everything. And not ashamed either to their ancestors or to those who participated in the crowdfunding of the project. «The people’s» money in it, incidentally, nearly 35 million rubles, which is one-fifth of the total budget, and the most important, because without this money, said the author of the film Andrew Shalopa, nothing would have happened.

The journalists were set up, mostly peaceful, noting certain parts of the film in a positive way. One liked the music, and the other actors, and others praised the dialogues as if overheard soldiers in the trenches. «I invented them» — smiling Shalopa.

The trailer of the film «28 Panfilov»

Many noted that the film produced a kind of substitution: nobody talks about the Soviet Union and Stalin, but often heard the word «Russia» as a symbol of space, uniting different Nations: among the heroes is Ukrainian, Kazakh and Buryat. Because, as noted by the authors of the film, it was created in the XXI century, when the words about the Soviet Union would have sounded strange, but it was necessary that each perceived the events on the screen as something close to modern. For this updating in General has been done. On location was filmed all the footage, explosions also did not draw on the computer, fortifications were built the way they were supposed to look like in the film. Behind the scenes – «live» orchestra and choir.

Of course, the filmmakers were asked to comment on the famous statement of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medina, where he stated that «even if this story was invented from the beginning to the end, even if it wasn’t., even if there was nothing is a sacred legend, which just shouldn’t be touched. And the people that do, the filth washed-up».

«Personally, I believe that the debunking of the national exploits of this magnitude is a crime,’ replied Shalopa. — The very rhetoric I do not support, but humanly, I understand the Minister. I will refer to my friend Kim, who in an interview also did not support the rhetoric, but said he often thinks of this rhetoric».

After that, the authors of the film have criticized those who do not believe in the myth of the heroism of 28 Panfilov in the form in which it is all they know, as historical facts are the basis of all the available and damage the national interests of these criticisms apply. «You knock the props out from under people. Why?» — was in answer to journalists. Journalists did not agree that the knock support, but the dispute continued.

«28 Panfilov». Video from the shooting

In the end, the filmmakers recalled that in the film you can find quotes not only from the Soviet film classics, but also of the «Seven samurai» «the Magnificent seven» and especially «the 300 Spartans» — a plot which they personally consider the most close to his.

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