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Students in the framework of Patriotic education offered to shoot, portret Americans

Школьникам в рамках патриотического воспитания предложили расстрелять портерет американцев

In Ekaterinburg students in the framework of Patriotic education offered to shoot a portrait of American

In Ekaterinburg in the framework of Patriotic education of teenagers have been trained in shooting from an air rifle, and after the competition wishing were invited to shoot photos of the «enemy» is a retired major General of the U.S. army, military analyst Robert Scales.

Girl from Yekaterinburg Maria Yamina said 66.RU that her youngest son was very upset when there was a RAID on a College in Kerch, woman doesn’t understand why now its being taught to shoot.

Head carried out the event of the Foundation «Assistance to homeless children» Beck Manasov anything wrong in this does not see: «finished the last of the competition was summed up, when all had finished, we used a picture of Robert Scales, because it is our enemy, and we are working on Patriotic education and talk about it to teenagers. We want children to know that Russia has not only friends, but also a lot of enemies. You have to be ready to defend their homeland».

Moreover, Manusov not believe that there were disgruntled parents. He said that every mother wants her son grew up in the defender. «Parents may worry that children must grow up defenders of the Fatherland, the Motherland. We are opposed to of the kids were doing some infantile children. And let parents do the parenting, not the computer, but really,» added Beck Manasov.

In the Department of education of administration of Ekaterinburg has told, that are not affiliated with the Fund and is not involved in organizing the event.

Robert scales is indeed very unfriendly disposed towards Russia. In an interview with Fox News on the issue of deploying us military in Eastern Europe said that «the only way for the United States to have some influence on the situation in the region and to reverse it, is to start killing Russians.»

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