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Spinach can help to cure alcoholism and mood disorders

Шпинат может помочь вылечить алкоголизм и расстройства настроения

Researchers believe that a protein found in spinach can help in the development of new medicines for millions of people worldwide who suffer from disorders associated with alcohol use, chronic pain and mood disorders.

A study conducted by researchers from Purdue University have discovered two peptides, which are natural products of metabolism Rubisco is a large protein found in many plants such as spinach.

«These disorders are currently not amenable to adequate treatment. We found that these peptides selectively activate the well-known «therapeutic» useful way, by not activating «the way of side effects» receptor,» said study author Richard van Rijn.

Preclinical studies indicate that these peptides are able to penetrate through the blood-brain barrier, which increases their effectiveness for the treatment of disorders of the Central nervous system.

Researchers are actively developing synthetic and computational strategies to improve these peptides to make them more effective. They also examine the peptides for their ability to regulate food intake and skin aging.

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