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Thieves share of the DNI


In the Russian Rostov-on-don at the end of September was held a meeting of crime bosses and thieves, which discussed the sphere of influence of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND). This writes the «Novaya Gazeta». As noted, the balance of power in the criminal world of the Republic was …

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Alone with the Leviathan


Weak institutions repeatedly left alone with the Leviathan, and test it for strength. Teachers in Wick, presenter of the mortgage, — and there are harder situations. Well done whoever managed to make the right choice, and is not afraid to say, losing a job (or just not afraid of the …

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Why Crimea won’t be our


Russia sums up its tourist season. And every time these figures sound almost like reports from the front. Number rested in the Crimea and Krasnodar region growing simply by leaps and bounds every day, adding spend millions. Each region wishes to give the huge number. Crimea, of course, trying the …

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In step with the times: changes in pension legislation will not affect beneficiaries


Timely changes to the pension legislation of the Russian Federation do not affect the actual preferential categories of citizens: military, rescue, pilots, workers in hazardous industries will retire as before. In addition, preserved benefits for mothers-heroines, certain categories of persons with disabilities and parents raising children with disabilities. Just recently, …

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Erotic in the Soviet cinema


  Photo: Italian poster of the Soviet-Italian film «Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia» («Crazy crazy race for Russia» at the Italian box office). The old Soviet anecdote. In the club there is a lecture «On love». Lecturer: «One of the widely known types of love – love of men …

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People are freezing for iPhone


On Tverskaya street in Moscow the third day the youth is in line for the new gadgets from Apple, although not all of them have the money to buy them. Near re:store on Tverskaya street for several days worth of the makeshift camp. The queue for the new gadget from …

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