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The rebellion in the North Caucasus will hurt Moscow


Political tensions in Ingushetia because of the transfer of part of its territory, Chechnya, continues to grow. The authorities were forced to concede to the demands of protesters and to extend the approval of the rally in the Republic’s capital Magas to 17 October. To the soft option of pushing …

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The government puts a diagnosis


2018 became a time-exposure of the Russian system of government at all levels. We saw her without makeup. New «gadgets» and change stylists will not help.   The diagnosis is dire and, apparently, final: we work only for their interests; we are corrupt and cynical. Yes, we become miserable and …

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Laugh till you drop


The Russian authorities are in the genre of the anecdote. The editors of «Snob» has asked me to evaluate the popular outburst of humor about Bashirova and Petrov, they Chapiha and Mishkin. I must absolutely incorrigible snob, because no emotion about this humor I do not feel. The song Slepakova …

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You have death shines


When the state at every step proves that he doesn’t care about its citizens, no propaganda techniques no longer work. The fame of the Perm art object «Happiness not far off» in the night of 11 October has turned into «Death is not far off.» So-so performance — grim and …

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Mike Poroshenko continues training at the British College


The cost of the school year rose in «Concord College» 77 322 UAH and now is almost 1.5 million.   The three youngest children of President Poroshenko are now in the UK. «Country» already wrote about the fact that 18-year-old girl twins Eugene and Alexander settled in London, where he …

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The Russians are tired of greatness and I want justice


In the minds of Russian citizens for the first time in several years, recorded a high willingness to change, and hope for a strong government and state aid is extruded by the request for justice, concluded the authors of the report of the Committee of civil initiatives (CGI). The sociologist …

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As drunk of the Soviet Union?


Question to experts: what can you tell from the following dates and notes? 1965-1984 years — up after, 1985-1988, and down. From 1988 to 1994 back up, and already 1994-1998 — again decline. Then, 1998-2003 — up finally from 2003 to the present time — down. Won’t keep long dramatic …

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