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In Severodvinsk, the teacher smacks students.


Tool education student physical education teacher in Severodvinsk have chosen a normal rope. Video with the incident, allegedly, in the school № 19 in the city of Severodvinsk, appeared in the communities of city news in the VC. In the video, the teacher with a skipping rope in hand, first …

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Ukraine has reduced the number of people


This year, according to state statistics, 100 dead Ukrainians accounted for only 59 births. During January-September 2018 the population of Ukraine decreased by 165,6 thousand people. On Monday, November 19, reported on the website of the State statistics service. Thus, according to the statistical office, the number of present population …

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Signals to Putin: why citizens show that the state «Fig»


Society openly shows the accumulated irritation. Collective action in defiance of the authorities are in different forms and on different occasions The alternative to «independence» Recently, the Russian society increasingly shows the state of the Fig, finding different ways to get it out of my pocket. In itself, this demonstration …

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American hockey player called Russian women the Chernobyl freak


American hockey player Ryan Whitney in the podcast Spittin’ Chicklets spoke about life in Russia. His words leads «CHempionata». «In Russia, women are either gorgeous, or a complete ugly duckling, there is no middle. There are either disgusting, or real bombs. Or Anna Kournikova, or a Chernobyl freak with three …

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Pension reform the Russians opened their eyes to the power


An increasing number of Russians are pessimistic assess economic and political situation in the country. This data came experts of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) conducted a study on the social well-being of Russians. «The data are alarming. Despite the fact that life satisfaction remains very …

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Transparent world


The person is known, can adapt to anything. But first, this adaptability otayde is not instantaneous. And secondly, what is necessary to adapt should be neillyuzorno. Visible it should be. Tangible. Otherwise, it is difficult to adapt. Here, for example, news in the last days. In Tomsk region the teacher …

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