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Why in Russia drink?


The fascination with alcohol is part of the stereotype of «Russian», but reports show that our compatriots can’t give up the addiction. Another ranking showed that the Russians continue to excessively consume alcoholic beverages, particularly those different from the inhabitants of the Northern cold regions, and the Middle band. Poverty …

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The tax authorities started to check self-employed Russians


Agency staff, according to the website URA.Ru already come to not officially registered, confectioners, hairdressers, manicurist under the guise of customers. After payment they show a valid service tax and required to pay a fine and threatened with criminal charges. On the eve of Vladimir Putin signed a decree about …

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Skewers of freedom!


To let you know kebab this is a traditional Cypriot dish. Actually the word «barbecue» is nothing like the distorted Greek word «souvlaki». However, Cypriots themselves to prepare the skewers do not know. He just skewer pieces of meat on the spit, and auto — forward. While the Russians prepare …

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An empty fridge? Eat breakfasts from Instagram!


In Russia there is a growing army of «celebrities» who despise ordinary people and not bad earn on it. News reports day by day are becoming more and more grim. Recently people are scared of another robbery under the guise of «health care» — the introduction of excise duties on …

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Works «excrementory patrol» San Francisco dirtied homeless


In California (USA) declared the threat of mudflows and floods, heavy rains. Areas where raging fires have particularly hard, according to the program «Meteotest» channel «Russia 24». Destroyed vegetation, the soil lost its stability. Tents where people live, were left without housing (only in November were destroyed 19 million) can …

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For show and Soloviev, the Russians are paying billions


The first channel the necessary additional subsidies in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles for 2018-21 years and 5 billion over the years 2022-25. To such conclusion analysts of the auditing company PwC, prepared by order of the First channel special report. According to experts, the main state channel began …

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Experts called the number of poor Russians


Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation (Ranepa) conducted a study which found that 22% of Russians have to save on the most necessary foods because of poverty. According to experts, these citizens are regularly faced with the choice between simple products …

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Unemployment in Russia: what happened to 15 million people?


Arithmetic for Russian officials and politicians — as Muse. At each Department the discipline — its, tame, comfortable, right. For example, Rosstat says that in a country of about 3.5 million unemployed. That is, of 76,6 million able-bodied citizens officially employed 73,1 million, in September 2018. Show completely… Are registered …

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