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The unique properties of cast iron


Why cast iron pipes without replacing serve for centuries?   It would seem that we know about cast iron everything, or almost everything. All known cast iron radiator, pans, pots, grates, ornamental castings. This metal is perceived to be ordinary and not associated with the term advanced or high technology. …

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In Russia stop the illegal rallies are much softer than in France


  The movement of the «yellow jackets» continues to hold regular demonstrations throughout France: the inhabitants of the country in favor of lower taxes and prices, raising wages, increasing pension benefits and the implementation of necessary social programs. According to French police, the stock has more than 125 thousand people, …

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Economic structure and demography of the state


The latter is very surprising news that Japan starts accepting labor migrants, the authorities of Germany said that expanding the admission of migrant workers. In Poland began to worry that the Ukrainians are beginning to move West and their entire economic growth due to cheap labor will cease and the …

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All about types of democracy and the likelihood in Belarus


The era of domination of democracy has been ongoing for 100 years ― the majority of States proclaims the ideals of democracy, enshrines them in the Constitution. However, in half of the examples from them is just a name, and political systems of different countries differ greatly. It is therefore …

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Happy New year, Lev!


There is good news. Lev Ponomarev have to let go just in time for the New year. Long live our court, the most humane, etc. But there is bad news. Punishment Ponomarev dispels a myth that the severity of this punishment is somehow dependent on age. At one time it …

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Usmanov demanded to block three articles of the Russian Criminal.


Usmanov demanded to block three articles of the Russian Criminal. They describes his ties with OPG Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity to block articles on Russian Criminal, where it is associated with business criminal authority Shakro Young (Zachary Kalash). About it …

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