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Six major threats to 2019


2019 from my point of view for the Russian economy carries too many risks to be able to count on GDP growth at year-end. I see six key threats that I put on because of the negative effects on the economy. 1. Fight the state for control and taxation of …

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Two conditions for winning over the bureaucracy


Two conditions will ensure you victory in interaction with the bureaucracy, civil, judicial and even law enforcement: a preliminary reading of the rules (law, order, instructions) and the possession of what is called stamina. In Russian this is a valuable quality is not very good translated: it’s not patience, with …

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True [1949]: Lenin’s Testament was implemented.


In the next publication of the column «Better to read» we are considering one of the articles of the newspaper Pravda on 17 January, 1949, issue, which tells us about the plan for the electrification of the country, its outcomes, successes and failures. «The village of tsarist Russia electricity had …

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The repressive structure of the society remained the same


The very structure of our society is now oppressive. Therefore, even if the full deletion of article 282, it will change the details, but will not affect the argument. The need for changes to the article, Dmitry Peskov, explained the need to correct the «symptoms of insanity». And the President …

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And how red the Chinese Red dragon?


Despite leading and guiding role of the Communist party (CPC), modern China is difficult to call a socialist country. VIDEO This is despite the fact that the CCP, which in three years will celebrate its centenary, still adheres to the policy of building a Communist society. It sounds very strange, …

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Under socialism, women received more pleasure from sex


If the assertion Kristen Godsi (Kristen Ghodsee), anthropologist of the University of Pennsylvania, and that under socialism women were happier in bed will cause you confusion, please note: survey conducted after the unification of the two Germanys in 1990, showed that in the socialist GDR women reached orgasm twice as …

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In Germany sends unknown to public men gold bullion


In Cuxhaven in the German state of lower Saxony, declared «Santa Claus». He has at least three times sent for the ingot of gold to organizations that help people and animals. On December 6-7, the packages came to the hospice Association of animal rights activists and local self-help group, reports …

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Yavlinsky warned the Russians about 20 years of stagnation


The Russians will suffer from declining revenues and «delusions» vlastilina the Federal political Committee of the Yabloko party Grigory Yavlinsky made a speech on Saturday at the meeting of the Federal Council of the organization, which said that the Russian economy is set for prolonged stagnation. He also cited 10 …

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