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Scientists have found a way to beat cancer

Ученые нашли способ побороть ракThe opening is capable of destroying cancer cells.

Professor Erez Levanon and doctoral student Ilan Baumansky from the University of Bar-Ilan in collaboration and under the guidance of Professor Harvard medical school nick Haninge developed a new system to combat cancer.

The discovery will allow scientists to boost the immune system and destroy cancer cells at an early and more effective level, it is reported in a paper published in the journal Nature.

Experts have identified the mechanism that marks virus-like genes in the human body a special marking, which makes the immune system to recognize and defeat them.

The authors proved that if the mechanism to suppress the human immune system begins to behave in relation to cancer cells much more aggressive. Especially melanoma and lung cancer.

«We found that, if the mechanism is blocked, the immune system becomes much more sensitive and (…) aggressive relative to tumors,» said Professor Levanon.

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