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Scientists have explained why with the age of time «leaked» faster

Ученые рассказали, почему с возрастом время "утекает" быстрееWhy, as adults, we feel thinner over time.

A member of the American Duke University’s Adrian Bejan explained why with age we think that time flows faster. According to the engineer, the perception of time is really subjective and is related with the speed of our brain.

«The perception of time depends on external stimuli. Here the role played by even such minor at first glance factors, such as the time you allot for sleep and rest», — says the scientist.

Bejan notes that the physical perception of time is not the same as subjective.

«The older we get, the slower the brain processes incoming images. In his youth for us around a lot of new, the brain processes information quickly, and we feel that time passes slowly. With age, the brain as it starts to lag behind physical time, so it seems that time has accelerated,» — said the scientist.

In addition, Adrian Bejan considers the phenomenon scortechinii time associated with the phenomenon of saccades, rapid, coordinated eye movements in the same direction.

«Between saccades, the brain needs time to process the visual information. In children the periods of fixation between saccades shorter than adults» — says the scientist.

As we age, we produce less new neural connections. Due to the slowing down of cognitive processes, it seems that the world is constantly somewhere in a hurry.

That may seem that you are not getting this time, Adrian Bejan suggests, first of all, sleep.

«Our brain needs to rest, to respond faster to external stimuli,» said the American.

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