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Russians will be able to transfer money using a mobile

Россияне смогут переводить деньги с помощью мобильного

Russian citizens after the start of 2019 had the opportunity to transfer money to the account of the client almost every major Bank’s mobile phone number. The new payment system will affect in the test mode a dozen banks. Later it will join two dozen structures.

In the future will be the ability to send money using email addresses and not just the cell phone number. The function of making payments of legal entities and state agencies. The key operator will be the CBR. The main coordinator of the project is the Association of «FINTECH». It would be composed of a number of major banks.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia will start its work a special service, which will provide an opportunity for citizens to invest free money using electronic payment systems. This proposal was published by the deputies of the State Duma. VTB was the first to join the updated payment system Visa and MasterCard, which enables money transfer via mobile phone card-to-card. The service operates in the service of VTB Online.

To get money, you will need to know only the Bank card of a member of the service and active mobile number. The procedure of money transfer takes place in immediate mode. As specified, the possibility to use this service will have 15 million customers banking institutions. Users of multicarta, a VTB will have the opportunity to do financial transfers from card to card using a mobile without a fee. This is assuming that they provide monthly transactions, which amount to more than 5 thousand. Transactions using the card numbers are the most popular service in VTB Online.

Customers spend more than 5 million such operations. The Bank believes that the new service of transfers using mobile number, for holders of cards of foreign banks may be positively evaluated by the customers. In the closest time such option is available in applications on smartphones.

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