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Russia lost RUSAL Deripaska – but he lost nothing

Россия потеряла Русал Дерипаски – но сам он ничего не потерял

Russian economic experts excitedly wrote:

«Oleg Deripaska has achieved the almost impossible: the United States refused to impose sanctions on its key assets of En+, RUSAL and EuroSibEnergo. To do this, however, the businessman had not only to sell large blocks of shares, but also to give almost complete control of the citizens of the US and the UK…»

How lovely, «achieved the impossible»! This is about how to say: «the Economy is growing negatively brisk pace!»

In fact it means the surrender of the aluminum industry in favor of two States – the United States and England.

It is clear that such a transaction could not happen without the consent of a certain secret Council of the oligarchs and the Kremlin administration…

The General essence of the whole deal is this. In our times, the stock ownership means little without control. Previously, it was also managing the master’s estate might make him prosperous or bankrupt, but now everything is much easier. Control over the business makes more money than the dividends to the owner. Dividends now is not important, even the owners, who really control companies, still most of the profit is received through intermediary firms. Now RUSAL will enrich Americans and the British, included in the Board of Directors.

In the world there were two large aluminum industry in Russia and in China. Giving your aluminium, Russia helped the United States to obtain relative independence from the Chinese. Trump can be happy.

Why the United States lifted sanctions against RUSAL. They’re not crazy – to leave under sanctions now a private enterprise where you have, thank you Mr. Deripaska, the controlling stake! But Russia is such a «lifting of sanctions» have lost the aluminium industry.

So Deripaska is the same Khodorkovsky, only in profile: he was trying to surrender to the Americans the Russian oil industry, and this passed the aluminum industry, supposedly by force. Maybe based on the experience of Khodorkovsky. But is it a big difference for us?

What’s next? Extra plants of the Corporation, «does not fit into the market» will be naturally eliminated, that the eyes are not corn…

Learn miserable! Deripaska pulled out of Russia to the maximum to support the aluminum industry in the era of sanctions, not to be ruined. And then passed the entire industry «partner to Trump.»

Then probably rush to relocate to the «new partners», but the formalities here will take care of it. I think «small share» to life on the boat, he will leave anyway. And our sailors, what’s the difference with whom to have it – and Russia or the US?

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