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Russia and China successfully conducted a joint scientific expedition in the Arctic

Россия и Китай успешно провели совместную научную экспедицию в Арктике

The recently held 2nd Russian-Chinese scientific expedition to the Arctic was extremely fruitful and will provide a more complete and orderly representation of the North pole of our planet. This is with reference to the local experts told the newspaper China Daily.

Research the mission lasted six weeks, during which scientists covered the distance of 12 thousand km. As suggested by Chinese experts, this project will accelerate the creation of the Arctic silk road alternative to the Suez canal. «Cooperation with Russian scientists is part of our attempts to give more intensive international cooperation, to create a kind of global innovation network,» — said General Secretary of the teaching Commission of the State laboratory of ocean science and technology (GLONT) Qingdao city (Shandong province, Eastern China) pan Cahow.

During the expedition specialists of the two States conducted a comprehensive research, which provided valuable data in the field of oceanic Geology, Hydrometeorology, chemistry and biology. An analysis was conducted of the atmospheric effects of water currents and sediments. Thanks to the work done by the specialists took into account a number of important features of the future route that will connect North-East Asia and Western Europe. According to the plan, the results of this research project will soon be published in reputable journals of Russia and China.

«All this will form the basis for further studies of ecology, biology of climate change,» said a member of the Russian-Chinese team of Arctic explorers, Hu liming.

The first Russian-Chinese Arctic expedition took place in 2016. In July 2017, Russia and China reached a formal agreement on cooperation and implementation of joint projects on creation of the Northern sea route. A month ago, the Institute of Oceanology P. p. Shirshov Russian Academy of Sciences and GLONT signed a Memorandum on enhancing interaction in this area.

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