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Rosneft is deeply stuck in the «oil quagmire» of Venezuela

«Роснефть» глубоко застряла в «нефтяной трясине» Венесуэлы

Last week, the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin travelled to Venezuela, and this visit was not public. He held talks with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, which have claimed delays in the supply of oil. This, in particular, said informed sources.

As reported by Reuters, Sechin arrived in Caracas led a large delegation. First, he met with officials of the state oil company PDVSA in Caracas hotel, and later with Maduro, having reproached the fact that the supply of Venezuelan oil significantly behind schedule and is not executed in full. While Chinese companies Venezuela behaves more correctly.

«He stated that Venezuela fulfills its obligations to China, but not in front of them,» – said one of the sources of the Agency.

His words Sechin allegedly confirmed by the demonstration of the delivery schedule of Russian and Chinese enterprises, which confirms that the discriminatory supply of «black gold» to the Russians.

So, PDVSA in the period from January to August this year put the Chinese enterprises 463 thousand barrels of oil, while the Russian – 176,6 thousand barrels. As reported by Reuters, ut, in 2006 the Russian government and Rosneft issued loans to Caracas in the amount of 17 billion dollars.

According to Reuters, Sechin’s visit to Venezuela was «one of the most striking signs of tension» between the two countries.

Meanwhile, even in the summer it was reported that Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA faster than before, reducing the «oil debt» before «Rosneft». As he is transferred due to the termination of the supply of petroleum products PetroChina.

It was also asserted that the new us sanctions against Venezuela, will deal a severe blow to the economy of the country, but the interests of Russian companies seriously will not be affected. Obviously, the situation is not as we would like Russian companies, which cooperate with Venezuela.

At the beginning of the month Rosneft announced that Venezuelan state-owned company has reduced its debt to Russian for $ 3.1 billion.

However “Rosneft” in recent years, more has expanded its presence in Venezuela, despite the huge risks associated with Venezuelan assets.

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