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Regardie proposed to tighten the rules of possession of weapons

Росгвардия предложила ужесточить правила хранения оружия

The Russians may be forced to notify the regional authorities about the possession of weapons at the place of stay. Regualry published a proposal on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

If gun owners take it with you on trips more than three days, then they within three working days must notify Resguardo on the actual location, follows from the explanatory notes. The Ministry stressed that such measures will help to improve control over the circulation of weapons in places of temporary storage.

Earlier, on 18 October, member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security from Crimea Olga Cowicide state Duma Deputy Anatoly Vyborilluzii a proposal to tighten rules on the issuance and storage of weapons. In particular, a question was raised about increasing the minimum age of eligibility for the purchase of weapons.

Such proposals have been put forward against the background of shooting in Kerch. October 17 student 4-year College Vladislav Roslyakov laid a homemade bomb in the dining room Kerch Polytechnic College, then started shooting. He killed himself in the library if it was 150 rounds. Aware of the 19 people dead and 74 injured. The alleged offender has received a license to bear arms in September after reaching adulthood.

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